Last Man Standing Lyrics by Gravediggaz

  • Album Release Date: 2011
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“Evident objective is New York City.. we’re ready to attack!
Planes circling, ready to strike..”

“No more defenses – our armies, wiped out
Artillery, air force, everything wiped out
This may be the, last broadcast
We’ll stay here, ’til the end.”

“It’s all over with humanity
Stranger still you and I, two of us left..”

“You wrecked the greatest country in the world.”

“There isn’t anything to do, we’re done, we’re licked
There wasn’t any war.. any more than there’s war
Between man and ants.”

“Yes but we’re – EATABLE ants. I found that out.”
“What’ll they do to us?”
“I’ve thought it all out. Right now we’re caught as we’re wanted
But they won’t keep on doin that, they’ll begin catchin us
Systematically, keepin the best, and storin us in cages and things
They haven’t begun on us yet.”
“Haven’t begun?”
“Not BEGUN! All that’s happened so far is because we don’t have
Sense enough to keep quiet, botherin ’em with guns and such stuff
And losin our heads and rushin off in crowds.”
“Cities, nations, civilization PROGRESS!”
“What is there left?”
“Life that’s what – I wanna live!”
“Yeah, so do you.”
“We’re not gonna be exterminated – and I don’t mean to be caught
Either. Tamed, and fattened, and bred like an ox!”
“What is there to live for?”
“Well there won’t be any more CONCERTS for as many years or so
If it’s amusement you’re after, I guess the game’s up.”

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