Constant Elevation Unreleased Vocal Version Lyrics by Gravediggaz

  • Album Release Date: 2011
  • Features : {}

[Intro: Prince Paul (RZA)]
On the B-Side, it’s Constant Elevation
Positive Energy Activates Constant Elevation (right)
You know what I’m saying? No matter what we do
No matter how dark people might think we come from
We always shed light on something
But you gotta be a Gravedigga to understand a Gravedigga
You got to dig it, you knowhatimsaying?
You got to dig beneath what’s on the surface

Beware, four figures appear through the fog
Yeah, Gravediggaz cut like swords
Rahhhh, fear makes ay brain go numb
You ain’t, got a clue, where the Gods, come from
I sold my-self to exist and then I flittle
With millions of sperm cells and I found the eggggg
No luck or mere chance
I came to enhance, represent and get open as a vent

Psychopathic, a deep theourassic
Gravediggaz are massive, puttin niggas in caskets
Blowin like the wind, when I’m in my spin
Ya got fucked cross the path of the twister
You face the storm and bring it onnnnn
And get chopped in the blocks from Hitchcock
The birds, my mental ward is my brainstorm
Somehow I flipped and came equipped with a chainsaw
Diggin gravy, pays my rent for the day
Some hate the image that I must portray
Critics, say “Go to hell” I go “Yeah
Stupid motherfucker I’m already there!”
Frustrated, mentally aggrivated
To be the rebel that society created
I’m good most times but when I’m foul then I’m flagrant
Livin in the shadows like a government agent

Ummm, one side of the story
Shit cooked up from Gravediggaz labratory
Transformin brains with remains of a slug
With the Undertaker makin beats that’s buuuuuugged
Path I’m creating
Splittin G’s, choppin necks with the fat guillotines
I’m your nightmare, fright with the burst, one verse
Will put your ass in my black hearse

Rzarectah, ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha
Hooah, hooah, hooah, hoo!
I’ll invade your darkness, then have ya ass running fast
Through the park, like ya being chased by the NARC’s
Problem one: Here comes the Rzarectah
Problem two: I came with the fucking crew
I’m putting eyeballs, dead, on the sidewalk
Stabbing niggas in the face with a fucking fork
So knowledge the cypher, black, word
So knowledge the cypher, black, check it
I take my Glock and I’ll splatter, shatter
Three stages of your matter, return ya ass back to a gas
In a glass, then I dash
Gravediggaz, boy, diggin’ up ya past
I blast like a shot from a blue-eyed cop
That clears the block, when ya niggas out slingin’ ya rocks
Dig another plot, dig another plot
Dig another plot, dig another plot
Dig another plot, dig another plot
Dig another plot, dig another plot
[Outro: Frukwan]
Out of the darkness
Out of the deep of the darkness
Lies the Gravediggaz
From the parts unknown
The world that’s unknown
People fear what they don’t understand
So, this is why we’re here
To explain that there’s nothin to be afraid of
Have no fear, Gravediggaz are here

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