Burn Baby Burn Lyrics by Gravediggaz

  • Album Release Date: 2002
  • Features : {}

[Intro: Frukwan]
Yo, yo Gravediggaz
Gatekeep and Grim Reap’
{*repeating in background: “Burn baby burn, burn baby burn”*}

[Verse 1: Frukwan]
I was unearthed, the womb gave birth
Partitioned to submission, forced to dwell in Hell’s kitchen
I lived contaminated for months
Stalking fresh was a casual hunt, peep the game
Waiting for a stray pass-byer
Grab the motherfucker, burn him, set him on fire
I’ve been insane since exchange of rings
That the docs in autops’, tried to prevent to stop
Biologically I breathe, a rebel
Psychologically having fights with the Devil
Waking up with gashes, deep river slashes
Hearing the talking of the motherfucker burned to ashes
Scared to sleep, fearing committing a sin
Stuck my eyelid and brow with a safety pin
Feeling myself lifted yet seeing myself, still sitting
Evil has become my faith, I’m slipping
[Hook 8X: Frukwan]
Burn baby burn, burn baby burn

[Verse 2: Poetic]
From the first day, that I burst through the skin
Of a virgin, I was cursed by sin
A mammal of the sea
Pops named John Samuel Berkeley, out of his nuts came me
True indeed I had soul, even as a tadpole
Grab hold of an egg, just to have a mould
Grew up surrounded by darkness and blood
Swimming in the cut like Noah in the flood
EH AH AH AH AH!! Drama!
Devils attack me inside my Momma, this caused trauma
While I was growing up she was throwing up
It got worse, it’s how I met the doc and the nurse
They took an x-ray, kept it to the next day
To figure out the best way to possess me
Trapped in a pool of impurity
Without security, nearly ruined me
No immunity to the curse yet
I saw the Earth sweat as Poppa prayed on the church step
In the place where they worship
As the nurse crept I got mad nervous

[Hook 8X: Frukwan]
Burn baby burn, burn baby burn
[Verse 3: Frukwan]
Tossing turning, fighting to awake
I woke up with a scream, strapped to the stake
Blood drippin like rain, excruciating pain
Loosin my grip, episode of Tales From the Crypt
Seeing faces of death had me shortness of breath
Falling through the rabbit hole that collapsed my chest
Blood spilling, inside survive like a villain
Killing life, torturous as Vincent Price
Tried to run, got caught, then I lost my tongue
Barrels of dead corpse beating my head like a drum
Summoned to scorch your head, let’s figure
They guided my light, I came back a Gravedigga
The prophet advanced by these deadly concoctions
Killing evil that lurk in the dirt is the only option
400 years in the pits we dwell
And for every drop of blood you will burn in Hell, Devil

[Hook 8X: Frukwan]
Burn baby burn, burn baby burn

[Verse 4: Poetic]
Pain builds my character, deranged cancer cells
Begin to damage my shell, tissues begin to swell
The human pin-cushion, needles begin pushing
Through my melanin cover, blood begins gushing
Hunger, pain is fed through my veins
Trying to maintain, body and brain under strain
Belly being drained from my nose through a catheter
To maintain my stamina, game is high calibre
Flashback my dossier file before the hospital
Flocks will pay a pile of cheddar to see me rock my style
Got lots of smiles from man, woman and child
A Gravedigga here running wild like the Nile
Y’know, X-File, the Horrorcore bringers
City morgue singers, new Rap era beginners
Four years out of seven I remember touring
And this year I’m measuring my urine
[Hook 16X: Frukwan]
Burn baby burn, burn baby burn

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