Them Jeans Lyrics by Grandmaster Flash

  • Album Release Date: 1987
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Walkin’ through my neighborhood
Her backfield’s in motion
Clingin’ to body smooth as lotion
Struttin’ that stuff so firm and lean
Hey girl,I love the way you look in

Them Jeans

I was never that crazy about stone-washed denin
At least until I saw a girl in ’em
They fit so tight but look so rough
I’m sayin’ uh uh uh now,tha’s fine stuff
In pastel colors,pink is so hot
Why don’t you run me over with that truck you got
Hey Virginia Slim,don’t be so mean
‘Cause I love the eay you look in

Them Jeans

Jordache,Sasson or,huh,Calvin Klein
I gotta put on my shades ’cause you’re makin’ me blind
Don’t even know her name,but still I can’t get enough
I’ll call her earthquake,’cause I’m all shook-up
I followed her across the street and I nearly got killed
Your name must be Gloria,Damn you’re built
Looks like they’re comin’ apart at the seams
But,girl,I love the way you look in
Them Jeans

I know you must be a damn good lover
By the way you look,girl,in those hip-huggers
If I was a zipper I’d sneak a peek
To see if you were wearing anything undermeath
I don’t mean to be bold,but I was told
That if you took your pants off your butt’ll explore
Everybody in the house,yo show no shame
And shout out the choise of your brand name!

Ju Ju
Jag Jeans
Lee’s ya’ll
Guess Jeans

All the ladies in the house let me hear you scream
We love the way we look in our jeans
Sittin’ on my stoop with my needle and thread
Got a stiff from jerkin’ my head
Bound to hurt somebody by the way she switches
Don’t shake it too hard or you’ll bust them breeches
I know you couldn’t ‘ve put’em on all by yourself
‘Cause they fit so tight you had to have help
I watched her walk down the block until she was gone
‘Cause her jeans look like they were painted on
Next time you walk by me,girl,you better run
‘Cause I’m thinkin’ ’bout chewin’ your bubble gums
You use butter,lard and margarine
And that was just to get your two legs in
You used Crisco and a shoe horn at the same time
To get the pants up over your big behind
Had to give her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation
‘Cause her jeans were so tight,they cut off her circulation
I wanna be your King and you be my Queen
‘Cause I love the way you look in
Them Jeans

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