Intro Lyrics by Grandaddy Souf

  • Album Release Date: 2011
  • Features : {}

[Grandaddy Souf]
Check this out man
Yeah, f’real pimpin, it’s real shit ya dig
I’m chasin my muh’fuckin dream my nigga
And I don’t give a fuck who don’t like
Cause what you eat don’t make me shit

I was, born and raised in F-L-A
Orange County, Florida; the Gunshine State
See I was only 12, when momma left me on my own
At age 15, I began sellin dope
I must admit I got enticed by the white
I caught a couple dope charges, almost fucked up my life
Your boy was reckless, I was buckwild with no supervision
Dancin with the devil, doin home invasions
I was a hot mess, day and night not doin right
I was fucked up, but I always kept God in sight
And even though I was doin Satan’s chores
Aunts in Watts never stopped callin on the Lord (PREACH)
He must have heard the sincerity in my voice (that’s right)
Cause he got my out the hood, by way of sports
Then I relapsed and went back to the block of course
Done had a change of heart and started writin hooks and bars
My underground album made me a local star
And I know these haters would love to see this album flop
So do you, cause I’m damn sure gon’ do me
Ain’t SHIT gon’ stop Grandaddy Souf from chasin my dream…

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