Mind Your Business Lyrics by Grand Puba

  • Album Release Date: 2009
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The first time I hit the wax it was the news of my block
Everybody in my neighborhood said “Puba don’t stop”
It was a four-man crew, Don Barren
My Mighty Shabazz, Dr. Who, and me, Grand Pu
Things started blowing up on a quick fast
Doing shows, buying clothes, getting crazy cash
I still stayed the same, ran around with my hair nappy
Matter of fact I’m doing good, made the jealous ones unhappy
“I knew you would make it” was their favorite line
But “Fuck that, I hope he fall” is really on their mind
Just because I found a way to make my pockets stay fat
Now a new thing: “Puba thinks he’s all that”
Yes, but there’s a found way to better my condition
“Bad luck, bad luck” is what the jealous ones keep wishing
Oh a crew broke up? I knew they wouldn’t last
But I refuse to lose so I bounce back on that ass
One for All, Brand Nubian
Yeah, that’s the new thing, now they back up on my ding-a-ling
Run and tell my girl, “Yo, Puba did this
He did that,” cause they nose is in my crack
Like a reporter, but they don’t earn a quarter
To do that (Yo, they just jealous, black)
You know the flavor, of that jealous behavior
I’m just like Jesus Christ cause I’m you’re modern day savior
So hon knock it off, worry about your own shit
Just because your man ain’t shit, there ain’t no need to rhyme *ahem*
Same ones that used to wave, now they sticking up their finger
But I guess that’s the price you pay when you become a rap singer
I work hard, word to God, with supreme motivation
To find a way out since ’85, try to jam my situation
But that’s okay because my old Earth told me
“Keep on moving, don’t stop, hon”
Now I’ll be damn if Grand Pub don’t get it done
I’ve no time to slow my roll on a jealous one
See I love to help others because Puba cares
I do more for my people than WIC or Welfare
Next time you see a brother down, stop and pick him up
Cause you might be the next one stuck
Word is bond, let’s move on
And we building on the situation of that in lyrics
Always trying to hold the black man back
We can’t live like that, we gotta help each other
You know what I’m saying? Brother to brother
Sister to sister, know what I’m saying?
Stay out my business, worry about your own, know what I’m saying?
Worry about your own, knowledge knowledge

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