Issues Lyrics by Grand Puba

  • Album Release Date: 2001
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Now if you’re tired of being poor (Yeah)
Every time you walking out your door (Yeah)
Or you got no place to live (Yeah)
‘Cause your moms done bounced you out the crib (Yeah)
How it go? oh oh oh oh, uh
Oh, oh, oh, oh you got issues
(Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh) you got issues

[Verse 1]
Now don’t you feel absolutely dead with no bread?
Smoke head, eyes red, ready to fill that metal up with lead
And get you some, spit your dum dums, and flip yums
Stuck in the slums, cause all your pocket got is bread crumbs
That’s when your mom start fronting
“Nigga, you ain’t gon’ lay around my house all day” “Doing nothing, Playing Playstation”
“Deuce deuce and hydro blunting”
“Better get your ass up, get a job or do something”
“Close my door!” don’t want to hear that shit tonight
She right, sleep all day, run all night
Trying to live nice in the Gangster’s Paradise
Rock some ice, stack some chips, bounce our whips
The ghetto life might be a struggle
Life is one big puzzle, where Rottweiler grill cats get muzzle
I know it be hard to do your thing
When you living like a peasant, but you feeling like a king
And if that girl you really love (Yeah)
But she play you like a scrub (Yeah)
She doing mad shit to make you bug (Yeah)
But every week she’s in the club (Yeah)
How it go?
(oh oh oh oh) You got issues
(Oh oh oh oh Oh, oh, oh, oh)
You got issues oh, oh, oh oh

[Verse 2]
You got some chicks who act brand new
‘Cause they got their nails done, a new outfit some Ice and a hairdo
They want to play the club, stress a dude with the hottest car
Who got Mo’ and Cristal lined up at the bar
Whether entertainer, or ghetto superstar
Not all chicks are like that, but you know who you are
Acting like Frank BaDoo be pimping you
She tricking, fuck it
She want a glass of champagne out the bucket
Here bird, I mean love, take her home and then you pluck it
Write it off, business expense it, tax deduct it
Now you gassed up like bean soup
Think you in the loop, but you going back to the chicken coup
In the biz’ I got, trick it recoup
Last time you seen the cat is when he dropped you on your stoop
Your man don’t want you, and the next man dissed you
Seems you got caught up in them everyday issues
Now if your man is acting foul (Yeah)
On the streets and running wild (Yeah)
And he thinks he’s a player till the end (Yeah)
Even fucked some of your friends (Yeah)
How it go? (Oh oh oh oh)
You got issues
(Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh)
You got issues
Oh, oh, oh, oh

[Verse 3]
And now you got ballers, then you got
Balling pretenders
Whose money’s kind of slender, but they like the whole agenda
Fronting, pulling Jew knots out in places
Hand full of aces outlined with big faces
Spend your last dime, for a nice piece of shine
I know! I did it when my ass was running blind
False advertisement, you want to front for the chicks
Meanwhile your seed need a pair of kicks
Gucci, Iceberg down, life is great B
Custom Crocodile shoes from Dundee
You’re flossing, popping bottles like you hit the lotto
Got you Babalu’ing like you, Ricky Ricardo
Got a lot of friends when you got a lot of ends
A lot pretend they friends ’cause they know you’re tricking ends
Your girl tried to tell you that these dudes be using you
But these be the issues that we all go through
Oh oh oh oh, you got issues
Oh, oh, oh, oh, yeah
Oh, oh, oh, oh you got issues
Oh, oh, oh, oh

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