I Like It Buckwild Remix Lyrics by Grand Puba

  • Album Release Date: 2011
  • Features : {“Sadat X”}

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve found him, I want you to meet the
Baddest motherfucker in town (right on, right on, right on)”

[Grand Puba]
Who is it? Well its Grand Puba honey (I like it)
With my man Stud Doogie love (I like it)
Dropping 2000 (I like it)
Dig the way this go down

Check it, I hit a flow all dipped in lotion
Sit back and sip Mo as I’m countin’ my dough
Grand Puba Maxwell, Doogie, comin’ with the New York
We keep it real like jail when we mic talk
Honies know ’cause when I’m in the set
Grand Puba is the one who makes they stink box wet
So let me tell you something lady
When you flow this flow then it’s all cream and baby
I made this one for the honies in the party
To find a hottie and dance body to body
Step 1, first you grab honey by the waist
Step 2, then you move out a ghetto pace
Step 3, then you look her dead in the face
Step 4, now it’s time to leave this place
Hold up, be careful of the cheesers
The teasers, the one who wants the money and the Visas
I’m a tell honies straight off the bat
But please don’t even go there with that, dig it
This ones designed to make your spine in your back wind
Grand Puba nice setup for you every time
“Ooooh, and I like it”
And you say New York City (I like it) (Repeat 4x)

[Sadat X]
Hey the Grand Puba’s a great friend of mine
Took a young boy who was dead as, told him a little something
The young boy grew to be an X
“One for All” was the number one joint one summer
Can you remember? Everyone had it, that shit was bangin’
Now it’s the nine-nickle and I’m seeing the year 2000
Drinking Crystal, ride the Range, think it’s strange
Me and Puba is like a hard act to follow
Watch young rappers wild out, eventually fall out
Cause they don’t know how to get that dough
Just cause a nigga say is written in bold
Don’t mean he got that money control
Reunion album to the highest bidder
300,000? Go ahead, you’s a kidder
Cause the boy’s right here holding out for half a brick

“Ooooh, and I like it”
And you say New York City (I like it) (Repeat 4x)

[Grand Puba]
*sings* Could it be I’ve stayed away too long?
Seems MC’s be wishing I was gone
Because they wanna be where I are, but you can’t get that far
So stop wishing on a star, it’s only one Grand P
So honey do what you did on the night you creeped with me
Its no doubt I come real with that, the butter track
The one that makes the honeis hit the bed mat
Im energetic, poetic, athletic, with good credit
So just move like I’m Simon and I said it
You see my flow is just a step ahead
I’m still wicked in a bed because I’m down right nasty like newlyweds
So back up and let me breathe, cause when it comes to gettin’ down
I’m gettin’ looser than a crackhead’s hair weave
And I, bet ya my dolly, while you never find another style like this
If you search a million miles
So why don’t cha let Puba ingnite your body
I hit a flow liike Al Jarreau
See I’ve been doin’ this for years
I’m leaving MC’s in tears, tears, dig it
Cause they falling just like the rain
Grand Puba’s too much for the brain
Now gold diggers who try to get it
I left ’em backwards, they thought they farted when they shitted
Cause Puba’s everything, and everything is Pu
Cause I hit ’em with a (one), and then with a (two)
Yeah, cause that’s just how Grand Pu and Stud Doogie do
You didn’t know I was the bomb baby?
Somebody should have told you, somebody should have told you
“Ooooh, and I like it”
And you say New York City (I like it) (Repeat 4x)

Down for ours, we gets down no doubt (Repeat 4x)

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