Check Tha Resume Lyrics by Grand Puba

  • Album Release Date: 1992
  • Features : {}

[Verse 1]
Well here’s the good to go ’cause it gets good when it’s goin’
It ain’t so-and-so’n it’s just Grand Puba flowin’
Stud Doogie, Alamo, on the ziggie rub the table
Kunta Kinze droppin’ ? on some ol’, shake the leg shit
Now it’s time to flow, since we formally introduced us
Jump up on the stage and watch the honeys try to seduce us
Watch the three sprout beyond shadow of a doubt
Here’s the resume, for the day, you know the flav, skin out
Here’s the rootin-tootin type of shit to make you lose it
The way it should be done, so I know you won’t refuse it
It’s on the reel to reely, kick shit on the daily
Grab a 40 hit the floor like I danced at Alvin Ailey
So honey don’t front just winey wine
‘Cause a bit batty girl stay on my mind
Here’s Mr. Splendid, careful when I bend it
Highly recommended, flippin’ shit like I intended
So here goes the flow, check how it go
And don’t act like you don’t.. (“You should know”)
[Verse 2]
Ha hah!
Next skit, on the stupid shit, this is how we flip the script
Niggas try to follow but come off it!
Lone Ranger, not afraid of danger
You know the shit is real so don’t play me like a stranger
Studda give a cut so precise like a guillotine
The kid ain’t Michael son, ’cause I’m the one who hit Billie Jean
Quick to say parlay, fond of Bob Marley
You know the four-one-one hun, we’re Jammin’
So, clear the road, here comes Mr. Got-It-Goin-On
Jump on the mic, grab my pay and after that I’m gone
To Indiana, Virginia, or Savannah
Or back Uptown to give a shout to Susannah
C’mon brothers ’cause you know what I’m talkin’ on
Hi, how ya doin’, build, hit the joints and then move on
The way we sway makes the others just fade away
The name of this one here is Check the Resume
So get with it, ’cause you damn sure won’t forget it
Huh, you know how it go (“You, know”)

Yeah yeah yeah, check the resume yo
Uh! Hah hah, uh, hah hah!
Uh, hah hah! Uh, hah hah!
Yeah yeah
On and on and on like this yo
’93 flavor but we givin’ it to you in ’92 this is how we do
YouknowhatI’msayin’? Pumpin’ it like this
And this how we move on
Grand Puba, Stud Doogie, Alamo style
Word is bond, big up to the S.O.S. ’cause they do it best
YouknowhatI’msayin’? Pop in the house, Big Jeff in the house
B.R. in the house, youknowhatI’msayin’?
This is how we flowin’ it on, time to get gone

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