This is a Recording Lyrics by Grand Daddy I.U.

  • Album Release Date: 1990
  • Features : {}

[Verse 1]
All aboard, let’s take a ride
Through the tunnels of thought, and Daddy U’s the guide
So fasten your seat belt, prepare for take-off
Everything becomes a blur as we break north
Exploring innovative concepts the brain makes
And motivate, don’t be late cause the train takes
Flight at midnight. through the course I just might
By-pass the speed of light, so hold tight
And watch the closing doors, the train is now boarding
Next stop: the record shop, cause this is a recording

[Verse 2]
Thinking of a rhyme, looking for somethin new
Somethin kinda pumping the people can swing to
Mellow and slow with a flow so swift
You know this is a gift only the U can come up with
But somethin is wrong, can’t get my thoughts straight
Too many distractions, can’t concentrate
I need peace, so I step for self
To the lab and grab a pen and pad off the shelf
Dig deep into the back of my brain and close my eyes
Drift off deep in a sleep, then I visualize
A mic in my hand on stage at a night club
Then – the brain lights up like a light bulb
Then ideas start to flow, sharp as a dart, you know
Next scene: the U tears apart the show
Now the rhyme is complete
Clever as ever, now all I need is a dope beat
I dig into the crates of breaks from back in the days
From Isaac Hayes on down to the O’Jays
But never the same sound, not puttin names down
But rappers tend to use too many samples from James Brown
So I scoop a bassline from a old group
Then take it to the studio and make it a loop
But still it’s bare without a kick and a snare
So put it in there – ah yeah
I’m on the verge, bout to get hype soon
Time to release, so I fleece to the mic room
And as I lay the vocal tracks down
You’re spell-bound, amazed at how dope it sound
Put Kay on the set to add a cut and a scratch to match
Doc on the boards, and all the samples attached
Then add the final touch and make sure it’s raw, then
The record is pressed and blessed and yes, this is a recordin
[Verse 3]
Pull up a chair, kick back and relax
Open your ear and listen to the voice on wax
The music heard is smooth and mellow, satisfyin your mind
The rapper don’t stands alone, so it’s easy to find
And you begin to slay your foes, that’s the way it goes
Close your eyes, say a rhyme and pray it flows
Nice and easy, the way it’s supposed to be
Still your chances of ever comin close to me
Highly unlikely to fight me might be slightly
Suicidal, so don’t try to ignite me
Cause I don’t burn, U is not sparkable
Lyrics I drop and concoct are remarkable
As I proceed satisfaction is guaranteed
The U’ll do it to a slow speed indeed
But still can’t a brother pass, I get rid of others fast
Don’t get me hype or I might kick your mother’s ass
Cause Daddy U is cold ruthless, I leave you juiceless
Now all excuses are useless
So save all the talk cause I ain’t listenin, homes
You keep yappin and I’mma start slappin domes
For those who brains froze and couldn’t comprehend
Lift up the needle and play it again
This is a recording

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