Mass Destruction Lyrics by Grand Daddy I.U.

  • Album Release Date: 1990
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[Verse 1]
Destruction whenever I come
It ain’t nothin left when I’m done
Only thing that remains is ashes and dust
Bloodstains and veins from brains that I bust
Cities and towns burnt down to the ground
Explosions, echos, screams in the background
All feel the wrath of the psychopathic
Death scenes are graphic, stoppin all traffic
As I demolish MC’s
When I’m blowin ain’t nothin standin, not even the trees
All in my path just shatters and breaks
When I step the whole earth shakes
The sun, moon and stars’ll fall from the sky
Seas, lakes and oceans all run dry
The aftermath is epitath after my warpath
And those who laugh feel the wrath of a bloodbath
Bodies dismembered, chopped into shreds
Big chunks of meat, arms, legs and heads
No man can stand my plan of deduction
Cause whenever I come it’s mass destruction
[Verse 2]
Disaster, chaos and turmoil
Feel the heat increase as you boil
Droppin impacts, like hot wax you melt
Cards are dealt, now my wrath is felt
So witness the holocaust, then as you fall you’re lost
Thrown off course, too late for remorse
Damage renegs, all controversy
Face your doom, now you scream for mercy
Erase your thoughts, you can’t be reborn
It’s no turnin back, when you’re dead you’re gone
And now your soul belongs to me
Sentenced to dwell in hell to eternity
Streets overflow in oceans of blood
And all disbelief is nipped in a bud
Cause in the lab I design
The most powerful shit ever known to mankind
So try your hardest, it don’t matter what you do
Nothin can stop Daddy U
So send for the army, navy, marines
National guard, crews, posses and teams
Those who come near disappear in a suction
Cause whenever I come it’s mass destruction

Another mellow blow
From the original
The actual factual
The Grand Daddy U
Steady Flow Productions
Yo Kay, what’s up
What you think about that one, man?
Yo, I can get with that
There it is, there it is
That’s my man there, my man Daddy U
That jam was comin smooth there, man
You can bop your head
Snap your fingers
You know what I’m sayin?
Yeah, I can ride with that one myself
All the way down to the bottom

Grand Daddy U, you know
What y’all know about that?

[Production by Biz Markie]

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