You Dont Love Me Lyrics by Grand Agent

  • Album Release Date: 2001
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[Grand Agent]
Special dedication… to the bastards of the world
It’s from the heart, Grand Agent

You know it’s funny I ain’t never had a child before
From what I hear though it’s somethin magical for sure
Some in the know have told me it’s like, no other rush
To feel oneself willing to receive so much
From what I hear though, you got about a dozen or so
And when they need you, we gotta let the government know
Daddy’s not being supportive, so now the courts is
Forever laced in recollections of your face
You wasn’t checkin for me, I was just a case
Summoned you from down south, mouth full of foul taste
I heard about the drama, the shots ringin out
I know about the white bitch you was bringin to the house
Yeah, mommy put me on to all the wrongs done
But in absentia, who could defend ya? I’m your son
Not your lawyer, you innocent in my book of life
And yo I only came by to see what you look
And it’s funny I could tell by the look of your lady
I was yours, cause she was raw plus she played me
Like you taught her to work for you, that’s my M.O
It had to come from somewhere, Flow recognize Flow
I copped a Heineken and then like my money she slid
Over to the jukebox, I followed her when she did
And asked if she knew where to find you, now mind you
I hadn’t a clue what I’ma say if she do
And when she did, disappearin down a hall to fetch you
I lent the pen to my mind’s eye to sketch you
Six foot three or maybe six foot two
No more guessin would a nigga ever be put through
And it’s funny cuz I wasn’t really willing to bother
’til it hit me that I wasn’t lookin for me a father
See, Allah’s mine, and that fact padded the impact
When your lady returned and said I had to come back…
[Chorus: unknown singer]
You don’t love me…
And I know now…
You don’t love me…
Cause you don’t know how

[Grand Agent]
And it’s funny, it’s not that I feel fatherless
I guess what you never had is real hard to miss
My sister pop did what he could, when he could
And it’s not like I was the only orphan in the hood
And damn sure wasn’t at them schools I was sent to
For safekeepin in the dark, while mommy went through
Her own plight, takin her demons to war
I only had dreams of home like bein on tour
Where family’s a foreign entity to the mind
Though mommy wrote me mad letters, I guess that’s why I write better
It’s funny, it came together unseen
But just between me and you, this rap shit is one dream
I had some others too, like givin wifey one or two
Seeds, whe need that but not if I’ma do how you do
(Our love goes) back and forth and forth and
Back from L.A. the last time I asked for her hand
And made it happen in less than a month
That’s one less want, in less than like four I was out the door
I know that’s probably more than you need to hear
But sayin all that to say you not bein here bred fear
I bled tears from the heart on my sleeve
A nigga needed you around like you couldn’t believe
(for boys to man shit) I know life’s coy and candid
No way to really plan it, that’s why I don’t demand shit
I’m sayin’ though, but on the other hand
With flesh, you can’t imagine what I’m willing to understand
So look, I’m twenty-something, with stupid money comin
I don’t need you for nuttin why you still frontin?
It’s beyond me
But I’m sure you know where to find me
So when you ready set your mind free
[Chorus] – repeat to end

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