Patience Lyrics by Grand Agent

  • Album Release Date: 2001
  • Features : {“DJ Revolution”}

*Cuts by Revolution*

“Once again, ladies and gentlemen
We would like to say good evening to you
And wel-welcome, coming to you tonight from–”
“Records presenting to you these very talented artists”

[Grand Agent] *whispering*
Stay on point and you’ll get yours
The Good Lord unlocks many doors
See God don’t change us, players because the devil ?
I’m telling you

It’s the hands free, hurt you virtue
Patience, I been chillin where you make your mistakes friend
I mean I be building where you renting your space see
I’m clean, all I ever had was my horses was for the reign
Grand stay clear of slander, its naked to see
That you a fake, when I talk about me, the lawfully wed
I’ve read six bars written over three days
Spittin em two or three ways, perfectin the phrase
Never on some “hurry up and wait for a plate”
I’ll eat what’s available, my fate is unjailable
Patron saint of the flow, you’re like “say it ain’t so”
I’m full circle though, no way to corner me
And I’ll be right here ridin camels through the eye
A brainstorm buyin time like Superfly
So I can smell the roses in the rap narration
Of my legend, twenty five years in the making
[Chorus] 4x
“Taking the time” “To make the right rhyme”
“I spend time with the rhyme”

[Grand Agent]
I dreamed of being seventeen up in the magazine
On my most Special Ed, but that wasn’t even half the dream
Shoulda seen the cream I had eyes for, the hots for
Hard dick lyrics bangin on the locked door
That this nigga named “In” rest beyond for a long time
Though we wouldn’t even correspond
So it was just me, propostionin Mr. ‘Dustry [industry]
Like “trust me, it’s way husky”
I got the hottest rhyme book around
I cook the sound medium rare
Let the big snares blare
I live and breathe this, Mr. In Dustry just
Give a listen, you can find out what you been missin
Total package with the golden options
I can leap over lies and mash down doctrines
He wasn’t even hearin that
That’s okay though, it came the time to analyze the cliche that goes

Haste makes waste
Walk don’t run, take time to be safe
Fuck around and get egg all on your face
Pace yourself son, PACE
Your body just pace
Cuz you could work hard and never blow
Or you could work smart and better your flow
You can’t hurry game though
You fuck around and get egg on your face
So pace, your body just pace
Chorus 4x

[Grand Agent]
And look, you don’t understand, I don’t understand either
How the cornballs come to commandeer the receiver
Used to be a time when a rhyme couldn’t fly if it wasn’t fly
Now, you gotta pray a man doesn’t die
A dis record is a dangerous thing
Nowadays, not to say your instincts ain’t to trust but fame
It ain’t to be gotten dick ridin
That’s basically what you be on
When you spend breath to scorn
Let the wack dudes be the wack dudes
Cuz the wack dudes can’t touch dudes with the real aptitude
Rhyme victory raps that patience is the author of
The wack dudes burn fast like sparklers
So they be out your way in no time
And you be still gettin dap while them suckers see no shine
It’s for the best with no blood on your hands
Hence, the hands-free hurt you virtue

“Takin the time” “To kick the right rhyme”
“Takin the time” “Take a little time” [Common]
“Takin the time” “Makin each record that I do better than the last one”
“Takin the time” “And if it’s not perfect”
“Then I jet…back to the lab” [Rakim]
“Never takin shorts” [Guru] *cut up and repeated*

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