Grand Right Now Lyrics by Grand Agent

  • Album Release Date: 2001
  • Features : {}

[Grand Agent]
Uhh, it’s a uhh..
Grand Agent, the most amazin
Whatchu want? Like that, uh
Like this and uh, talk to ’em

[Chorus One]
“Take it there.” I took it there. “Right now.”
“Take it there.” I took it there. “Right now.”
“Take it there.” I took it there. “Right now.”
“Take it there.” I took it there, looka here

[Chorus Two]
You wanna see the Kwa-ito Technique son? (YEAH!)
You wanna see me and the beat shoot the fair one? (YEAH!)
You wanna see the whole dancehall jump around? (YEAH!)
Well say, Grand right now (GRAND RIGHT NOW!)

[Grand Agent]
Yo, I posess fresh viewpoints of things
I would lace you but you revel in malevolent things
That’s the side affect a shipwrecked truth does sink
Truth does sink.. (I know that’s real)
The shock value way up close, I’m like a lay-up – post
Though I could jay-up most, I like the contact
When we were kings we would sing without a contract
Now we all just a bunch of Linda Ronstadts
When men pass microphones to men
It’s like the saints go marchin in, that’s the cipher I be in
I heard Biavians was headed for the Earth
That or Revelations yo, whichever come first
I’ma do it now – so how ya like me now? Hate me now?
My art is the Ark of the Covenant, take me down
Even a notch and watch the stereo rebuke
We’ll have ya listenin to acapella flutes dun
[Chorus One] + [Chorus Two – 2X]

[Grand Agent]
To the, with the, to the..
It’s only right that you believe in what you can afford to
Throw your life-force at the stakes like horseshoes
You’ll feel Christian once you get it out ya system
Life without passion turn volunteer to victim
Bugged right? When I think in terms of off the hook
I think strictly confrontational, meet me at the rhyme book
Or we can shoot a fair one for the ages
I break the mindstates equivalent to rib cages
And the fashion would suggest that, there’s simply nuttin better to do
But sit around disrespectin your crew
At the same time it’s somethin that be wonderful or terrible
Between dance steps and tears, life is most bearable
“But many only wanna see a show”
Well nuff stylee I got y’know, some to spit, some to t’row
It’s said some like it hot but mic handlers
Can’t even understand what Grand did to the parameters
This is a family affair, now leave it there neighbor
I’m Grand Agent – forces of nature owe me favors
My contacts can’t be tapped – no phones, no homes
No physical forms, they can’t be cloned
I think you sparkin up the wrong marijuana bud
This be some dust-minded shit to make you draw blood
And cast the first stone, even wit ya sins and all
How many dynasties you think really meant to fall?
But shit happens and people make it do that
All in agreement say, “true dat.” (TRUE DAT!)
[Chorus One] + [Chorus Two – 2X]

{*scratching of “right now” phrases to near the end*}

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