World Party Lyrics by Goodie Mob

  • Album Release Date: 1999
  • Features : {}

Put up your lighter (x4)


Party, all night, fiesta, forever(x4)

(Big Gipp)
This be a party, for the whole world
Travel cross seas like that girl
We in the mind altering thangs
Couldn’t leave it alone, we offered it a loan
Watch the porch jump straight to the ceiling
Hear the party drums beat for beat
So, some want us to leave, but they want more, the time came to sang
Peace, they brought the rain, to wash away the pain
So we all can party in the streets

Well, I don’t know about you
But we all trying to play dumb
But don’t you worry about me
I promise you we gonna get free
Just party

See your eyes be burgundy, and your body drop
Don’t even look at your clock, ?skeet on your vest?
Or get up and watch the hands fly, in the middle of December
I wash the wife-beaters, heaters on full blast
With some ?? we like scavengers circling your block
While you do that your ?paper drop?
You better hop jump and skip, before we dip
Because we falling through you, like the Bloods and Crips
Gotta close your eyes and start dreaming
Everybody life got a little meaning
Got to spread your wings and start flying
If you living don’t be worrying bout’ dying
Just party


Whether fast or slow, face it, pace it and let yourself go
Might not get a chance to do it no mo’
Let the music take your mind, leave the worries of the world behind
Oh, such a beatiful sight for the blind
It remind me of a celebration
One nation under one rule
Its that you ain’t got nothing to prove
Ohh, let the music move you, and sooth you, like its supposed to
Love is life, life is worth loving
Love is life, life is worth living (x2)


T-Mo cuts the record down to the bone
And now we back rapping on the microphone
I say signing autographs for little kids delight me
We can’t help but be some stars in the shining night
See I was raised in the SWATS by my mom and pop
To be a cold little brother that you can’t stop
On top of the charts, I’m a ladies man
The type of brother with heart, weak suckers can’t stand
Cause I wanna be free, hear my spirit it’s the clearest
Can you hear it in the gospel
I came down here cause I gotta believe
Don’t follow me, I say I need someone to take me to the Rave


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