Street Corner Lyrics by Goodie Mob

  • Album Release Date: 1999
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?Don’t know why I’m folding?
Illegal substance controlling, still outdoors rolling(x2)

Enhance the game, but give me the benz
While I send my word
It’s lightly packed ????? giving a fuck
Bitch I gots to eat too
While I catch up like Heinz
On the hook for my family tree
East to West to South is booted in this red clay
And everyday I get up and work my ass to the bone
So I can pay for me a home, in the ghetto or the woods,to build
I’m packing my steel too

Slow rolling, everybody in this clique holding
Anything we riding in is stolen
And you can tell when a nigga on round’ here
His neck and his wrists be all frozen
You wanna go bust because some fool caught you dozing
Out on the ave posing
But you ain’t no more good, like a used up trojan
You horsing around, now your spot finna’ be closing down
We brang them guns, you tote them roses
Indecent exposure, beat you till’ you’re swollen
Now here, put some ice on that
Work with, reject heavy crack now pick up pick up pick up

(Big Gipp)
Hold up, wait up, Gipp swolled in here
My eyes getting little and its hard to steer
Reverse safe, can’t wait, communicate next tale
Kept my money in the floor so I can chalk bail
And anything you got for me, just hold
Cause I’ll be back one day to get them folds
Take a second to regroup, get back in the loop
See the veins never change, only part is in the name
I ain’t that old, wanna play me cold
Wanna treat me like a ?wrangler? wanna snatch my gold
See I was raised by a man, so a man you see
Came up in the trailors of Fulton County
Hard top for the winter, soft top for the summer
If we caught roaming the streets, we some runners
]From the street corners

Well when you looking at me make sure that I’m trapping and slowed down
Still suffer from sunrise till’ the sun done gone down
Before I go any further, fool let me break it on down
Get blasting with the best and get brutally blown down
Talking shit at one time, but nowadays your cause higher
From the hatred, hunger, hopelessness, yes I kill
So I guess I’m no better than the rest
But I try to be
Somehow these streets feel so fly to me
I’m a get it right Lord “Cee-Lo, Don’t you lie to me!”
I hope this work here work me a way up out this
Hey, don’t wanna die the same way my buddy did the other day

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