Fie Fie Delish Lyrics by Goodie Mob

  • Album Release Date: 1999
  • Features : {}


We got that fie fie, we got that fie fie
We got that fie fie delish (x2)

Back in the whole, ?hide like I stole?
Put us in this where its at make all the dough
Throw out your dough
Uhh you ain’t hard, you’re stupid, like ?counting the votes on yourself?
With the ref, calling the game between your frames
I’m on the corner jumping cain, to every lane that walk by uhh
Stop calling my momma house, and hanging up
Niggas is Biggie Smalls, ready to die, a horrible death
I wanna ?court case and doctor?, because the ? is on nigga
Time flying,who having fun
Making runs, up and down Cambelton
Put one ?over the jail? where you ?fired? one
Stop gossiping, your marriage on the rocks, and you jealous
43 and can’t keep a man, because you careless
I’m too generous, so my kindness is took for weakness
You don’t want to see me nut up, I leave you teethless
And the toothfairy don’t run on friday the 5th or the ?7 day hassle?
Stop eating ?eagle eye and ??, so I rhyme past ??
?The move master?
We got that fie fie delish

I said we got, we got, nigga we cocked it and dropped it
Ain’t no stopping it, popped it, locked it, flop flipping it
Leaving ’em dripping with SWAT’s shit, on that forehand
The godfather of my nigga first seed, please show us much love
?? Lil Willy ?I’m busting the philly?, on this first day
I don’t play bout’ my family
Mob Goodie, lumberjack, woody, down your ??
When I enter the room, shawty numb
Having fun, music give me the power
The man of the hour
Look,it’s on when I hit you with this fie fie in your eye
Aww Naw, you better not cry

Who got that fie fie, we got that fie fie
Who got that fie fie delish

Now get back, you hit you get hit back
Click clack, Bu-yak! Automatic at-tack, got gats
Whenever, however, you want to act
Think it ain’t when it is, shawty gonna kill a nigga ass bout’ his
Rhyme pays, I could blaze in a maze for days
?Flat concrete or thick metals?, we won’t settle
Till’ its evident and obvious, don’t fuck with us
Ya heard, I mean every word I bust
Trust me, you can’t stop me, even if you bust me
?? must be in the same ?fashion pack?
?Jesus came?
I’m the future, I’m forever, I’m the flame

(Big Gipp)
Everything grit to the grind
Gimme something to hold and watch me flip it two times
The whites of his eyes couldn’t hide all the shit up on his mind
Always inclined to soft touch
If I’m approached wrong, ?blew lead just through the skyways?
And touch back down on the one-way highway
Got a bus with 21 beds,and if the door swing open it’s 21 heads
Nickel plate with the numbers straight
Just in case the spot got funny money
Now who call, well you got your wish
Goodie Mob in your town with that fie fie delish
All up in your face bitch


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