Serenade My Life Lyrics by Gonzoe

  • Album Release Date: 1998
  • Features : {Outlawz}

Yeah, Ritzy, world
Sing with me
Bounce with me
Rock with me
Come on (Come on)
Come on (Come on)
One time, Uh
For ya mind

Verse 1:
Hot Hennesy
Out of plastic cups
I be vint to fuck up
Since they call my first nut
Never drivin’ up
Stand up the world with two curl grim codiacs
Platinum raised hell till we fall the saint
For my soldiers
We outnumbers and get closer
Stay Numb, Yuk
For path of world, full close-up
Outlaw I smart the enemy and never choke up
Listen to them old Niggas shut the fuck up
And soaked up
Break down the gang who fucked us
No trust, keep ’em raildust, you ain’t got nuts
I livin’ this, playin’ emotionless
Skinny kiss
If you crossed me
Motherfucker please remember to
Chorus: 2x
Serenade my life
Come on world, sing with me
My life ain’t what it seems to be
Dreams went up smoke and Hennesy
Seems to stuck
The world just ain’t feelin’ me

Verse 2:
He was a
Lost Soul, huh
Lost and not knowin’
Young Nigga born to be a king
The wouldn’t know it
Golden child
Born wild as a chubby
Can’t work
The public lose
It’s time for a brooze
He never knew no better
Attended to motivate ’em
His mom couldn’t take ’em
Allah couldn’t break ’em
Shakin’, hell nah
He sayin’ fuck y’all fools
Drinkin’ deuce-deuce, sittin’ flame with .22
Slippin’ you lose
He moved the crips on the fools
About the bubble
Nah, he ain’t nothing but trouble
Struggle, to the early years
So you know we shared plenty tears
Got a heart out of fear
And now he out of there
His bigger clubber was big time
Did time
In bout fact, major and now they both got paper
Outlawz, souls, cold dusted killers
Real Niggas on a mission for years
Picture (yeah)
Would it fly there’s a gang of (?)
It’s the dealer
Real Niggas come up and die quicker
Just to much for the world
Step to the riches stay true
You left to early, all so I serenade you
Chorus 2x

Verse 3:
[Young Noble]
We goin’ noise and a nominee
And holla and robberies
In alley’s of Cali
Till the projects in New Jersey
In a cent, urban to all
All my Niggas in Jersey servin’ perfect
Gonna let y’all miss own this circus
I know it’s worth it
And I’ma like to be on the Outlaw combat
Go got guns it’s more Mohammed
See, hear me all
I be the Nigga that doin’ starkest
Black out like Holly park
But will the body count stop
Can’t talk to the cops
Cause I’m starin’ at his Glock
Pistol patience
Told me if my brain it’ll lace me
Grandma told me
If I claim, they will chase me
I’m gettin older, gotta be smarter than that
Sharper with the gat, hold off
They wanna hear fuller than strap
Pullin’ ’em back
In my coma
My man lost his brother
Had a dream seen of bustin’ out the roof
For the stolen Land Rover
Them Niggas wanna die like a soldier (soldier)
Watch your step (Nigga)
Verse 4:
Nigga, it’s Young Ritzy
Word, fuck y’all Nigga
Crazy, Outlaw, Sinice
Nobody else

I wish I never knew you
I see right through you
My cash is right
I might lose you
Dub tape
Causin boo-boo
Not trippin’ to the fact
No love
Just regarded the blueprints
And went back, fuck a contract
You scared of combat
Ritzy Outlaw tips
With that fuck shit
Would you clutch this
We Outlaw clips
Mo’ Niggas got banged
Let that brain thank
And my rap feel like the dopegame
Sinice society, pick up chains
I never go back, to nothing
With a matter round the table
Clean triple of the moneymachine
Go click back
10 stash of gangstas
20 sacks of thugs
That’s quickly from the Crips and Bloods
Yeah that’s my fantasy
God queer me
Pac brievin’ on
Come here, you hear me
Uh, homeboy with the big toys
Who could pull a strang
Fuck shit and make a lil’ noise

Yeah you focus on something
Fuck y’all
This’s for the world
Kill me first

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