Prostitute Lyrics by Goldy

  • Album Release Date: 1994
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[ VERSE 1 ]
She’s a price-tag prostitute, so I got to shoot
And if my game is right, man, then I can knock her boots
Because to me a girlfriend is of past tense
They fucked me good, but broke me for my last cents
I was a lemon treatin tramps like women
Never understood the reason why I couldn’t go in em
Now a ho will think twice before she choose on me
Cause all I offer is my dick and my r-a-p
But you new boys are simpin, and
Thinkin that you’re pimpin, and
Wouldn’t have a rat if you were starvin and limpin, man
All you’re doin is crossin a real player’s game
So you sling caine to get a name
Know all the Lincolns and the Grants and the Jacksons
Bitches at your door, a rich dude givin you action
So you kick em down one, two, three, four hundred
And when I saw you with the broad, boy, you sho’ fronted
Loud talker like a father figure
But any punk can play her father if his pocket’s bigger
And you hoes get treated like a child again
You don’t work or go to school
And get beat when you act a fool
Go home to dada
255 pounds for you gladly
You know you hate the sight of him
Damn, but you’se a tramp and if it pays you good, you might love him
Don’t you have any self-respect?
Is the dollar that mighty that you trade him sex?
Now tell me, what does that price include?
Will you suck me and fuck me and dance in the nude?
Well, now you got me trippin, baby
I could buy your freak, toss her up, and call her my lady?
Well, that sounds pretty damn reasonable
I’ll just pay her, if that’s all that’s pleasin the ho
What does that sound like to you?
Well, for the right price, player, you got yourself a prostitute
[ VERSE 2 ]
I once had a bitch named Anne-Marie
Fucked her sister and her mother down her family tree
She was just another prospect, a player had to test her
Flashed my money, played dumb like Uncle Fester
Make her think that I’m her sugar daddy
She can lick me, cause I’m full of candy
Man, I got her bitin, she thinks she found herself a sucker
But I’m a pricer, let’s see how much it is to fuck her
And if she got a cheap price ring
Cool, then I won’t buy her nice things
You see, her values are low, her self-respect is minimal
30 dollars is a steal, makes me feel like a criminal
10 for the movies, 20 for an entree
Take her to the house and tossed her up the sautee
Dip her, then I flip her on her tummy first
Yeah, you know I gotta get my money’s worth
You see, the rule of the game is, you pay to play
See, I call her up, and it’s cool for me anyday
All there is is an initiation fee
Fronted one time, now it’s always free
But a sucker-punk mark keeps payin the freak
Got sprung on the pussy cause his game was weak
You better hope you can afford the ho
Cause if you miss a month the rate, she’ll be out the do’
Lookin for the highest bidder that wants to get with her
Punks lease her with an option to buy, but I rent her
30 dollars and I made you sin?
It was cool for a night, now I’mma trade you in
And let me tell you bout the trade-in policy
You trade a freak in and get a woman with quality
One with values and high standards
Not a freak with no fuckin manners
I need more than a piece of meat
Most freaks can only fuck bare gettin sleep
What does that sound like to you?
Well, for the right price, player, you got yourself a prostitute
[ VERSE 3 ]
There’s a fine line between a girlfriend and a prostitute
But you’se a trick, you thought she loves you, but it’s not the truth
It’s always odd when you’re fuckin your lady
That you always seem to fuck her on payday
So when you’re 200 short, you never trip
A good fuck and ‘I love you’ is some bullshit
It’s a routine, not a new thing, every paycheck
She was bitchin last night, now she’s alright
You never tripped on her attitude adjustment
On payday she be callin you her husband
I got a plead with my homies
Because when I was broke a lotta bitches didn’t know me
Shit like this occurs cause of punks like you
Give em money, pay they rent, buy they clothes and buy they food
The hoes get spoiled and sprung on the treatment
If you step to her broke, then you’re turned down frequent
Yeah, you got your high-siders in the drop coupes
Let her ride front seat, then you knock boots
Girls try to play real sweet and innocent
But what they really want is salary and benefits
Damn, I ain’t sayin I’m a stingy miser
But if you play me like a punk, you’ll be layin in kaiser
Usin sex as a bargainin tool
So you can get my credit cards and charge em up, fool
Hoes posin as girlfriends tryin to get over on me
Playin themselves just like a tramp, I do em like ???
Now I got another victim, so let me get a quick one
My pants on one leg when I pound and never kiss em
Shit, you wanna act like a ho? Then be a real one
I’mma treat you like you ought, make you feel dumb
When I’m fuckin I’mma yank it out
Shove you in your ass, make you fall on your face so you think about
How cheap and sleazy and trampy and stragglin you really are
For some money or to ride in someone’s silly car
Don’t you feel like a jackass?
Man, on your hands and knees that fast
A little dinner and a movie is a joke
Cause when it’s over, you’re still goin home broke
Now to all the homeboys, let me ask you somethin
How many of y’all know you got a real woman?
Try to analyze and think practical
Cause if she’s sellin you her sex, then you smack the ho
And stop callin her your girlfriend
And treat her like she wants you to
Just like a prostitute

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