Way of the Light Lyrics by Gift of Gab

  • Album Release Date: 2004
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Way of the Light
Just like a sudden rush
Just flowin all through my soul now
Way of the Light
It feels like a certain miss someone
That I wanna get up wit’
Way of the Light
Everything’s alright now
When ya living in the Light now
Way of the Light
Way of the Light

[Verse 1]
Running through rhythms
Proceeding in the torch lights
Floating on melodies
Helping make my thoughts glide
Staidly berated through music I’m off my
Rocker rockin’ into the depths of the lost god
Jumping off a climb in the faith I’m a fall guy
Never falling though, in the heavens we all fly
Fourth Dimension rocketships telling ya all why
Wake up from ya slumber my children it’s all lies
Money just like everything else, it all dies
Itself is lost and it’s still, “Can I get a dime sack?”
To help me focus on wealth, not material wealth
Cause true wealth resides deep inside

[Verse 2]
I put the pen to the paper and let the ink thin
Give what it’s channeling through me without no thinking
About it, no doubt about it, part of my beating
Came into open the spirit and let you see in
It’s time to let ‘er off for now, no further seeking
I follow it as I hear about to begin
Follow the Light as I take you on a journey deep in
Sound of the side of the light you might just wanna be in
Way of the Light
Way of the Light you wanna be in
Heir of the Night
Go on and flow with what you seeking
Playing it right
The little voice inside is speaking
Saying it tight
Beyond your logic and your reason


Living and struggling everyday to make mo’
Poor is getting poorer so niggas just take dough
Scratching and surviving and seein ya stay broke
Cultivating image instead of the great soul
Cultivate an image but it was all for show
Blow up, explode, didn’t it erupt way though
Millions of dollars does not a mortal make whole
You can only take what you’ve given away though, come on

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