Where You From Lyrics by Ghostown

  • Album Release Date: 2011
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Cig: Hot, hot, hot. Yeah! Let me show you how we do things ’round here man
Cig, Formz, yeah

I’m either blowin’ out a sack, or blowin’ out a back
Or flowin’ on a track, or knowin’ that I mac
Or blowin’ on her crack, or grabbin’ on her rack
And tellin’ New York that the East Coast is back
See, it’s from the window to the walls
And I’m lookin’ for a chick to grab on my balls
Fuck her and leave her in a bathroom stall
And give her a fake name and a number to call
I’m straight through the whore, hate on my shine
I’m straight through the door while you wait on the line
I’m straight with the raw, they hate on my grind
I’m straight with the 4 aimed at your spine
See, I’m a baller, I puff with the best
I don’t call her till I get to bust on her breasts
They stack taller, till they get snuffed in the chest
Act tough with a vest, till they snuffed with a Wes, so!
[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Y’all wanna ride with me, she wanna slide with me
Y’all gettin’ high with me, so tell ’em where you from, tell ’em where you from

[J Formz]
I’m sayin’, me and my boys and you and your girls
Hop in the car, we’ll be in our own little world
Dome out the car, you be a rider and smoke
And don’t even try deep throatin’ my shit, you’ll probably choke
We could just fuck, your girls know what’s up
When my man throws on his beats and we turn that shit up
Me and Cig on a track, we could just freestyle
So nice, we gettin’ bitches numbers faster then speed dial
So mami realize that you chillin’ with a don
Who works magic with his boys when the beat come on
A little drunk, liquored up, and twisted off that Hazey
I come in for 50 seconds and drive ’em all crazy
No one plays me, I’m well known in the streets
So don’t be scurred cause mami you’re safe with me
It’s G-Town from the start, to the heart
So ride with me and watch blunt after blunt get sparked


G-Town gon’ ride tonight, Brooklyn gon’ ride tonight
Queens, Bronx, get high tonight, so tell ’em where you from, tell ’em where you from
G-Town dog, where we got a passion
For bashin’ your ass in, smashin’ and dashin’
Got cash in the stash, while you’re gashin’
Left in band aids like Nelly, but not for fashion
Call me Cigathin, I bring the biddies in from Binghamton
They big and thin, I’m diggin’ twins and riggin’ wins, Cig’s in Timbs
Ugh, I’m a stoner
Jeans, white Yanks fitted, drink Carona
We drunk, she moans while I bone her
Xanax, Bud Ice, her necks filled with ice
In the hood, roll dice, in the woods, puff twice
Step to this kid you might lose your life
You took advantage of the fact you had your life, so!


Cig: Ghostown! Yeah. We ain’t playin’ no games out here man, this is some
Real shit man. So grab a drink and follow me to the dance floor. Formz I see you
Man, pimpin’ that bitch over there, word. Hot, hot, hot

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