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  • Album Release Date: 2011
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Cig: They said you only had a few minutes to live, so I’m thinkin’ to myself
“I don’t know where to begin to tell you how much you meant to me”. I love
You dad. You were the best father a son could ever ask for and I’m gonna do
Everything in my power to make you proud of me. I’m gonna be the first in my
Family to graduate from college, and I’m gonna have a nice wife and a nice
Family one day. And most importantly of all I’m gonna take care of Mom and little
Mikey. And even thought you’re gone now, as long as I’m alive
You’ll live on forever. Yeah

This life’s a nightmare and I hate this dream
I smile but things ain’t always what they seem
Remember When I was young you read me Goodnight Moon
I ain’t scared of death now cause I’ll be with you soon
You suffered and went through 4 years of pain
But without you 1 day and we ain’t been the same
Mom can’t sleep and when that phone rings
She’s thinkin’ it’s doctors with that news they bring
I met Billy and thanked him for savin’ your life
You went through rehab and made somethin’ out of life
It’s hard for me lookin’ at your empty chair
Knowin’ you ain’t home and you ain’t sittin’ there
You’re with your Moms now, I know how much you missed her
Tell her Chris loves her, hug her and kiss her
But we know that you’re in a better place
Dad I love you forever and you’ll never be replaced
[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Take a look at my life and see what I see
Cause now a days I don’t even wanna be me
Just take a look at my life and see what I see
Cause in the perfect world you’d be together with me

He was a hippy, he danced at the clubs
Fatherless in Brooklyn you ran with the thugs
You taught me the downfalls of usin’ drugs
You made mistakes but hey, everybody does
You loved the Yankees, fishin’, and the Rangers
You was always kind and generous to strangers
30 plus, Moms and you been at it for years
You stuck it out through shared fears and tears
You’re at peace now Pops, go ‘head and rest
Cause I’mma be the man now, at least try my best
You laid the path down and I’mma follow your steps
This life’s a journey and mine will end in success
It sucks, but problems for us ain’t new
You taught us people were corrupt and ain’t true
I don’t know how to deal or how I’ll get through
I guess by holdin’ on to memories of you

Cig: See, I know my father man. He’s probably up in Heaven right now
Chillin’ with the Beatles and Jimmy Hendrix. You fought till your last day on earth
And I feel blessed that I can even say that you were my Father. Thank you God

I couldn’t grasp the fact that you actually died
The rain outside signifies tears I’ve cried
If I said I didn’t want you here Dad, well then I’ve lied
But that’s selfish of me so I swallow my pride
Mom this ain’t a death, more like a celebration
For Gods greatest life made in creation
I carry a smile as bright as a constillation
Concentration got me pacin’ and awaitin’
Pictures, black suites, tributes, and memories
You fought and wouldn’t give in to that damn disease
Please know before you go all the lives you’ve touched
Prepared, but didn’t realize that it hurt this much
You’d be amazed at how many people cared
Bad things happenin’ to good people ain’t rare
Swear you tapped me on the shoulder to show me there
You’re finally at peace Dad, God answered your prayers


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