Rugged Freestyle Lyrics by Ghostown

  • Album Release Date: 2011
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J Formz: Yo D, I herd mother fucka’s is tryin’ to come at us, you scared son?
FD: Scared? What’s the fuckin’ point of bein’ scared?
J Formz: Son that’s fuckin’ rugged

[J Formz]
Runnin’ your mouth? I’m bound to come in your house
Get it quickly done, in and out, with the gun in your mouth
Weather he real or fake
When I pistol whip the mutha fucka in his face, guaranteed it breaks
Squeeze off 10 through the back of his throat
Put the gun to his chest and let bullets come out the back of his coat
Shit is for real, I bet kids’ll squeal
That’s why I’m bound to unload if I pull out the steel
I ain’t tryin’ to get sent to jail
I ain’t big like that yet, I ain’t got no money for bail
If I’m in a war, you either dyin’ or
Lookin’ up at me yellin’ “What you cryin’ for?”
We don’t play, we just smoke blunts all day
Actin’ tough, but when I step up you got nuthin’ to say
Stickin’ shit up, till I’m livin’ it up
And I dont need to give 100 percent
Just know I’m givin’ enough to be rippin’ it up when I’m spittin’ some stuff
I’m doin’ my thing, kids is soft, stop rappin’ and sing
Point out your leader and watch what I do to your king
Ain’t no fuckin’ around, I’m duckin you down
I’m buckin’ the pound, I’m buckin’ a clown
I just got 1 question, “Who you fuckin’ with now?”
Stuck in shit now? Well that sucks, doesn’t it now?
I got dozens of pounds, each holdin’ dozens of rounds
And every time I confronted your clique
You talked shit, but it wasn’t as thick, and you wasn’t around
What’s all the fussin’ about?
Got a gun stuck in your mouth for fuckin’ around
With these brothers, you clowns
What you gonna do now since I confronted you now?
You fucks don’t impress me, and you sure don’t scare me
And we could shoot the 1 on if you wanna fight fairly
I’m in the streets, ain’t no gettin’ me out
And if I get locked up they ain’t lettin’ me out
Cause they know once I’m out, I’ll kill again
Cause even if I killed you, there’s still your men
I don’t mind beef with you, you’re sloppy and careless
I’ll win cause I care less, kill you cause I couldn’t care less
Fearless, you could feel this real shit
Deal with the fact that I’m real kid
I’m real sick, spit that real shit
The kind I’m workin’ on masterin’ to get a deal with
J Formz: Yeah, so what’s really good? All you mother fucka’s talkin’ ’bout
“Yeah, he can’t rap, he can’t do this…” Yo, who’s seein’ me son? I’ll
Freestyle battle anyone son, nobody’s fuckin’ with me right now son. Ghostown for
The long run mother fucka’s, we takin’ over every other fuckin’ month
And that’s what’s really good

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