Recognize Freestyle Lyrics by Ghostown

  • Album Release Date: 2011
  • Features : {}

J Formz: Woah. Yeah! Dapper, you a fuckin’ animal on this 1 baby
DJ On Point: We call this 1 Recognize, shout out to Formz on this 1
J Formz: Yo, you know what I’mma do to this shit right here yo? Check this..

[J Formz]
If I’m comin’, I’m gunnin’ and then you runnin’, I’m bustin’ any 1 of you
Cousin, if you think you’re fuckin’ with Ghostown
Said we don’t even need you to bring it to us, you want it? you’ll get it
And we probably gon’ bring it to yo’ town
So don’t be duckin’, start buckin’, and when you empty, start cuttin’, cause
War is just the way it’s gon’ go down
So don’t be talkin’ like you want it, you just ain’t walkin’ away from this
Recognize, you know now
My style is like a fever bitch
Cause when I spit, they can’t tell weather I’m just hot or I’m sick
You don’t bother me kid, matter of fact, I ain’t got time for you kid
So stop callin’ like you got fire to spit
Or like you want beef, You don’t wanna see me
I’m in the middle of the street throwin’ up the GT
So if you want it, I’m right here, and no I’m not scared
You pack? Then clap, um no, I don’t care
Beef with me is just workin’ outside all day when it’s hot
Cause by the end of the day, you know you’re gonna be shot
Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m too strong to fall off
I been doin’ this too long, you’re all soft
Doin’ drive by’s, gun in the blast position
That’s why my gat stay out the window like air conditions
So run your mouth when my gun is out
Pretend you’re Cig for a second, show me What You ‘Bout
J Formz: What you bout!? Yeah mother fucker, what’s poppin’, it’s Ghostown all
Day baby, G’s up T’s down. Yo Dapper keep bangin’ ’em in the head with these
Fuckin’ crazy beats baby and I’mma tear this shit down in the booth…1
50 Cent: And you know why his name is On Point…Cause he on point pussy!

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