Only What Youre Hearing Lyrics by Ghostown

  • Album Release Date: 2011
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DJ On Point: This shit right here is called Only What You’re Hearing. Shout
Out to Formz on this 1. The Forgotten Borough, the mixtape, volume 3. DJ On
Point, Ghostown. Go check out that website:
Is this what you want!?

[J Formz]
This isle of fame, I ain’t even start walkin’
And already I’m gettin’ sick of the talkin’
I don’t understand how you could judge me, you never met me
Try and speak the truth in every song, you never let me
Wanna bet he ain’t hood, I bet he flop
All I know is y’all can play it safe and just bet he hot
“Lemme bust a shot motherfucker, I bet he drop”
Just don’t pull out and don’t pop, you better not
All these cats that wanna say I’m not real
I never seen ’em, so to me, they not real
I spit truth from the heart
So to me if you think I’m flappin’, all that means is that you ain’t very smart
Take it for what it’s worth, I ain’t the hardest around
But compared to me, most of these other artists are clowns
I appreciate support from all the people who love me
And if you hate me, all I ask is you meet me before you judge me
[J Formz]
Got these cats that wanna tell me what my hood ain’t did
How you know that when you don’t even know where I live?
Got these cats that rap and try and act like they hard
But it’s just lyrics, cause they don’t wanna say where they are
Got no respect for ’em for the fact that they fakin’
Then I got these cats that hate just for the sake of hatin’
All I could do, is listen to my man Yosh
Tellin’ me “Formz, relax, haters will come and haters will go”
Swear to fuckin’ God, it’s hard to stay focused
I just keep thinkin’ “If you want beef, approach us”
I’m sincere in every fuckin’ thing that I do
Should’ve named this track Feel It in the Air 2
It’s been a year, and they still try arrestin’ me
I’m ’bout to have a breakdown, this world’s stressin’ me
I understand you thinkin’ I’m fake is only what you feelin’
But understand dog, it’s only what you’re hearin’

J Formz: Yeah, this Formz man. Yo how you really gonna stand there and tell
Me we ain’t real? We flappin’ man? You don’t know nuthin’ about me dog. You got
Sumthin’ to say you need to come see me and say it to me man. I’m sick and
Tired of this shit man, I’ve had enough of the bullshit. I’m real

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