Not Your Average Freestyle Lyrics by Ghostown

  • Album Release Date: 2011
  • Features : {}

Cig: You know they got to hate it man, Ghostown go to the club and scoop
Biddies up like Haagen Dazs Ice Cream man. Let me talk to ’em real quick

I might slide with your princess and get some digits
Broads say my pants look like they be stuffed with midgets
When God made me he gave my mom a blessin’
When God made you he taught your mom a lesson
Chicks know I’m quick to get out of belt buckles
Packin’ 3 blades like Wolverine’s knuckles
We could play Russian Roulette and see who survives
And find out if pussies really got 9 lives
And no, I ain’t goin’ down, so don’t push me
You are what you eat ma, and I ain’t pussy
Use precaution when you’re facin’ Cig
Or get your eyes left puffy (Puffy) like Mase and Big
Chase and dig, I might con a fellow
When I got more purple then Donatello
Yell “OH!” when I walk through the club
Cause this boy’s a pimp, and you the scrub
Cock block me and get put through the snub
We rock Glocks B and yet you claim the thug
We buy the bar out and Hypno gets chugged
Cypher outside and Hydro’s the drug
Buy mo’, we ride, and know I gets jugs
And know I will slide, and hoes will get plugged
But child support ain’t the thing for me
That’s why I pack more condoms then TLC
Freestyle? nah, you must be playin’ B
But I got throw outs if your payin’ me
Drama? sure, then it’s a bet silly
5th to your ear, spit like a wet willy
Cig sell a mil while he tuck the tree
I ain’t celibate but y’all can’t fuck with me, no!
Cig: They sleepin’ on me man!

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