Leave You There Lyrics by Ghostown

  • Album Release Date: 2011
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J Formz: Where they at, when you need ’em there? J Formz

[J Formz]
I ain’t make it big yet, so I ain’t rich like that
But I sold weight, so I got kind of rich like that
These bitches on some shit “If you snitch, I’ll snitch right back”
It’s like “Chill”, I ain’t know cats was bitch like that..
It’s like now I got the dough, got the outfits, got the sneakers
Got the jerseys, got the fitted’s, got the icey pieces with the Jesus
But it’s seemin’ like once I blow up
When I make it to the top everybody wanna go up
I can’t bring all of you with so stop the shit
You comin’ if you was down to pop off more then your lip
Other then that, you could suck my dick
And when I get rich, you still better think twice about who you’re fuckin with
Cause like now, I got the strangest feelin’
Like I ain’t seen half these cats since I ain’t been dealin’
Now they owe me dough and they can’t be found
It’s like yeah, you was my boy, but don’t fuck around, I’ll put you down

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
It’s like “Where’s your boys at?” when you need ’em there
They act like they’re your boys now, but they just leave you there
[J Formz]
Now this mother fucka wanna try and beat me on some dough
Same kid I grew up with, now he act like he don’t know
I’ll bring it to him on his block if I have to
And punch him in his face if I don’t like his fuckin’ attitude
My boy said “It ain’t like that, we spoke the other night”
If it is, there’s a problem, so I’m hopin’ that he’s right
It’s like money can change a man, change everything
So I’m wonderin’ when I make it what kind of change will it bring
I know it won’t change me, I know if anything
It’ll be for the better cause I been through plenty things
Everyday I get clicked about a thousand times
“Formz you got weed?” Nah “Aight, I’ll see you around some time”
Like some mother fucka’s only holler when they need somethin’
Pretendin’ to be down but I can see that he’s frontin’
But I still got the few that stay true in the crew
So these snakes better watch who they doin’ it to


[J Formz]
This last verse I’mma break it down for the fakers
You think I’m stupid? like I don’t know you want all my paper..
Or all my shit, all I came here with
Why the fuck you ain’t speakin’ dog? I ain’t hear shit..
Yeah, I’m comin’, and if you think I slacked
You better watch your back dog, cause you’re bound to get cracked
It’s just a matter of time, I spit it out of the rhymes
Then act it and cats is like “You out of your mind!”
Yeah fuckin’ right, don’t forget it either again
Or believe you was a friend, but you won’t be breathin’ again
And I hate for this to happen to a close cat
We had it tight but you fucked around and we lost that
Cause now I see the truth I never thought was there
Roll up on kids who I never thought were scared
But now they avoidin’ me when I come through
I never thought I’d have inspiration to write a song from you..

J Formz: Shit is fucked up. You mother fuckers need to stop with that shit
You know who I’m talkin’ to son. If you ain’t down, you better watch your back
Dog, cause we comin’. Ghostown, everyone ridin
Fuck the snakes son, I see your ass…

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