L.L.O.Y.D. Freestyle Lyrics by Ghostown

  • Album Release Date: 2011
  • Features : {}

DJ On Point: New freestyle by Formz
J Formz: Yeah! J Formz
DJ On Point: Shout out to the whole OTB, all of BK, I see you
J Formz: Yo check this, I got somethin’ I wanna let loose right here son
Lemme get these mother fuckers..
DJ On Point: Shout out to the whole Philly area…Do remember, check me out
On myspace.com/djonpoint, go check out that Ghostown page also..
J Formz: yo, yo

[J Formz]
When I spill raps, I kill tracks, still pack and still clap
How ill’s that? You still rap? You’re still wack, I fill gaps
I rip raps and you steal raps, mismatched goin’ against me
Still spit ill raps, how you gon’ prevent me?
Don’t tempt me to say your name
Leave the clip empty and spray your brain
You mother fucker’s suck, a plain fact that I stated
You wack, and I’m bringin’ the game back so you hate it
It’s all good I guess, just pray I don’t eva see ya
Walkin’ down the street when I just happen to have the heater
You faggots feel safe cause I’m hot right now
Talkin’ shit cause I’m busy runnin’ from cops right now
But when it’s all said and done, the world’s hearin’ me now
Don’t be mad cause the fans you had are feelin’ me now
I’ll kill you in every way possible
When you disappear physically and lyrically, just know that I’m responsible
Me spittin’ is like a problem landin’ on the beat
1 shot, you gon’ have problems standin’ on your feet

J Formz: Yeah! I’m fuckin’ killin’ ’em with every track…We comin’ hard!
Out, 1

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