Fuck the Pigs Lyrics by Ghostown

  • Album Release Date: 2011
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J Formz: Pick up your fucking phone son
Cig: Son, it’s this fucking biddie, she doesn’t leave me the fuck alone…yo
Wuts poppin? wuts goin on? we chillin’ on Freedom…
J Formz: Son where’s your fucking weed at?
Cig: You know where the fuck the weed is, it’s in the glove compartment
J Formz: Well son what the fuck you got it in the glove compartment for son
I got 50 pills on me I’m not tryin to get arrested, put it in the trunk
Cig: Hold on 1 sec
(sirens sound)
(cop knocks on window)
J Formz: Shit
Cop: License and registration…
Cig: I got my license but I don’t got my registration…
Cop: Where’s your registration?
Cig: I left it at home
Cop: Is it in your glove box?
Cig: No
Cop: Check your glove box now
Cig: No, why do I have to check my glove box, I told you it’s at home…
Cops: Alright, everyone step the fuck out of the vehicle
J Formz: Man, they know how the rest goes…2 fuckin’ times man you feel me?
Fuck I’m supposed to do out here man? Fuck these pigs
[J Formz]
As far as I could see, here’s how the game goes
Somebody gotta move dimes, somebody gotta move O’s
Somebody gotta flip Q’s, somebody gotta sell P’s
So the person at the top might as well be me
I took my own advice, and I stacked my weight
And I was strictly in it for the paper chase
Then the pigs plot on me cause they want me locked
And that’s when I laid down Cameras On the Block
It’s too bad for them, that was all a big plot
Cause I lied at the end, so nope, I never stopped
Got into a fight with pops and knocked him out
So since last summer I been out my house
No home and no job, and no, it’s not a lie
So for me, hustlin’s the only way to survive
I moved on to bigger things to afford my own place
And what else is new, that shit blew up in my face
I stayed with Cig, and I was hittin’ him off
With the best shit around, then we both got caught
Now they up in his face, “Who’d you get this from?”
And the whole time, I’m sittin’ next to son
And all I’m thinkin’ is keep ya mouth shut
And he did, so when we got out, I sparked him up
Chillin’ in the cell, thinkin’ shit’s gon’ go down
So I took my shirt off and started screamin “Ghostown!”
That’s when I knew we had more then a buzz
Cause dude we was locked up with knew who we was
Got my arms through the bars and I’m screamin’ at the guards
Somebody’s gettin’ raped 2 cells down from ours
They don’t give a fuck, they probably laughin’ it up
So I shook Cig and told his ass to get up
He said “I’m ready, let’s do it”, I said “No Doubt”
Now somebody spark a dutch because Formzy’s out
As I’m in cuffs, all I could think was “Why me?”
Look at Chef’s biddy and whisper “I’m Sorry”
Charlie said he’s got some cops in his family
But they stopped him mid sentence to a stunned FD
And honestly dog, what pissed me off the most
Was them tossin’ my shit around, knowin’ they gon’ smoke
Knowin they gon’ joke, makin’ my cuffs tighter
I’m supposed to be the star, son who shines brighter
Pig said “Look at his chain, he must be a rapper”
Asked me “Did you get your weed from this fuckin’ cracker?”
No you fuckin’ idiot, what you think I’m a jerk?
Cock sucker, can’t you see my fuckin’ “Stop Snitchin'” shirt?
Works what I do, and why I’m in this cell?
While this crack head lady’s screamin’ “It’s cold as hell!”
Pig tossed me in the bathroom, and told me to strip
It’s an awkward moment when a man is starin’ at your dick
Fuck cops, I’mma be on the block again
And if I can’t sell trees, I’mma sell oxygen
I’m a hustler, one that’s bad for the feens health
In S.I., we burn trees, so fuck the greenbelt
Scream help? nah, you must’ve got me confused

Cause pops told me bout cops bullpen con views
So I guess I’m just fillin’ in his gone shoes
Like father, like son, and I’m sorry it’s not news
To my brother, Mike, you don’t deserve this
To my mother, mom, you don’t deserve this
Cause Chris never wanted to see that face in court
And never wanted to witness the way his father fought
And never wanted to rely on his weed to be bought
And never wanted to be the man of the house, that was brought
Upon him with responsibilities to be taught
And no, I ain’t sorry, I’m just sorry I got caught

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