Cameras on the Block Lyrics by Ghostown

  • Album Release Date: 2011
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Cig: Yeah man. My man Formz is gonna shut shit down man. Cig for life
Ghostown. Yeah man, these coppers want me locked, they put cameras on my block
And now I’m layin’ low cause the block is hot man
J Formz: Yeah
Cig: Yeah, they be sayin’ out in the street…
J Formz: Tell ’em…
Cig: They be talkin’ man…They be sayin’…
J Formz: Tell ’em…
Cig: F-O-R-M-Z, Ghostown! Yeah! Talk to ’em Formz…
J Formz: Oh, I’mma tell ’em

[J Formz]
Some say I’m crazy for sellin’ this fuckin’ weed
But it gave me more then enough money than I need
Cops love it when you broke, don’t wanna see you rich
That’s why they gon’ let a pussy go if he snitch
My sales was open to anybody who want trees
I Promise you it’s gon’ be some good shit, you’ll see
Here’s my number, you know how to get at me
I was convinced that the cops couldn’t catch me
I had that red haired, crystaled out chronic
Breakin’ it up left you with Sticky Fingaz like Onyx
Most of these dealers get ripped and skimp they bags
And they gettin’ screwed so they gotta rip they mans, they hurtin’
I understand I’m a target so I’m gon’ stop
But understand once I started I was on top
I’m not that stupid, I know the money is useless
Cause if I get caught, bail’s the only way I can use it, what!?
J Formz: Yeah, and that’s the truth. Ghostown! Gotta get out of here
Shit is mad hot…

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