Milk Crates Lyrics by Ghostface Killah

  • Album Release Date: 2007
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“I’ve got the feeling.. I hear the sound”

[Ghostface Killah]
Eh yo, I’m here to toast an MC like my name was Grand Puba
Run up in the large house and – throw out the Ruger
Some say I’m good – others pray – the want me to fall
Battle me – come one, come all – I leave ya jaw hangin’
New York City Slinger – Stark Nitty
I’m straight like a flat chester with some low titties
Plus my chain hangin’ down to my dick
CB hits – grand on the hits – Star Trek VI
Black flicks – come on..
We fuck prostitutes – tie ’em to the bed
Throw ’em in the lasso – givin’ me backstage hed
Picture me in Isreal sandles – Gucci open-toe
Book of Life – two on Camay – no H2O
Bandit – I’m like Moses – split the sea
Y’all split jeans – my last tape was the illy poster
Move crowds like the March of Dimes – fuck this rhyme..

*musical breakdown*
“Up next..”

[Ghostface Killah]
Walter in Dr. Jay’s – rock the Jay’s
Spot niggas with K’s – son they feelin’ your ways
It’s like mayonaisse – old people love you – corns on their feet
Fifteen, twenty deep – you walked in, cross street
Walk under red light – sound went through Crown Heights
Even had ’em on bikes – they was startin’ fights
New Years had ’em all drunk – lazy eye Milton
Found a bump – tried to buck and
Scotty snatched Janet’s wig off that night
Shit got hectic – barber Jim fuckin’ old man Chef
But God shit’s real as a fuck
Throw a buck on Chuckle-Up – Thunderbird in cuffs
Skeeter with no teeth – night train lips
Beefin’ with police – Grade-A inch knees
Duke blew a bag with him – he got butt-naked in the ‘villes
Plus he fucked a whitey in the hill..
Throw a buck on Chuckle-Up – Thunderbird in cuffs

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