Man Up Remix Lyrics by Ghostface Killah

  • Album Release Date: 2011
  • Features : {“Trife Diesel”,”Solomon Childs”}

[Hook 2X: Ghostface Killah (Solomon Childs)]
(Man up) Somebody gon’ get laid down
(Man up) Whether music or four pounds
(Man up) Ain’t no need to know me well
We can get the drama popping, homey, I won’t tell

[Ghostface Killah]
Welcome to Saints Row, the home of the gun clappers
Small time criminals, sneak divas and car jackers
Where the streets fight back and shoot-outs are bound to happen
Ain’t nobody scrapping, all of these killas is taking action
Gang wars, yea, we bang to the death, gaining respect
In an intelligent city, be smart and wear ya vest
Watch your right just as well as your left
Cuz nine out of ten times, we’ll creep from behind and blow the tech
Heat holding, whip stolen, while police is patrolling
Flashing they lights, telling us to pull over, we keep going
On a high speed chase from the law, out on parole
Swerving out of control, with the gas pedal to the floor
I’m on a deathwish, driving wreckless with no headlights
Running through roadblocks, and we ain’t stopping at red lights
That’s how the game go, switch up, and change clothes
Watch your back, when you walk through the streets of Saints Row, nigga
[Hook 2X: Trife Diesel]

[Trife Diesel]
Enter the real world, where corrupt cops and vigilante’s lurk
Henchmen, put in position to do my handywork
Mob bosses, hire hitmen, to get your family merked
No matter right or wrong, remember to put your family first
We in the gutter, watching for undercovers, slinging butter
Posted up on the corners, me and my brothers
Sex, money and drugs, the hungriest thugs
Sleep with my burner, and wash with my gun in the tub
Posted up in the back of the club, we doing it
That’s a nice outfit on your back, don’t make me ruin it
First class, serving shots like a stewardess
Gun out the hoster, now come a little closer so you can view the fifth
Blood stains, bullets’ll drain you until you fluidless
Barely escaped with the jaws of life, when your Buick flipped
That’s how the game go, switch up, and change clothes
Watch your back or fall flat in the traps of Saints Row, playa

[Hook 2X: Trife Diesel]

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