Good Times Lyrics by Ghostface Killah

  • Album Release Date: 2007
  • Features : {Raekwon}

[Intro: Ghostface Killah]
Allah himself
Man, woman, child
The Book of Life
Starks Enterprise!

[Ghostface Killah]
Take out the rap kingpin, the black Jesus
I know a few niggas sniff coke and caught seizures
Peace to ten thousand seaters
And all y’all pretty ass Libras
My Tommy dick’ll blow y’all ass to pieces
I love fuckin’ with y’all I got the George Jeff walk
Look how I dance, favorful robes, bows and all sorts
Hold on, who turned the lights on?
One, two, my mic on? Preach on, brother
That’s that bullshit, right on
Crackhead, stop it, dope pusher, stop it
The father sent me a message and I came to drop it
The profit is to love each other
Michael Jordan, Jackson, Cosby money, Oprah
They got our Mother, go get Africa!
[Lord Superb]
Hominy grits, welfare cheese
Roach clips, WIC check day’s the first and the fifth
What, Ghost?

[Ghostface Killah (Lord Superb)]
Fuck y’all niggas and fuck y’all bitches and
Fuck the pictures y’all takin, fuck the whip you in
Starsky bring home the dough now the show is over
(It’s over) It’s over? (It’s over) It’s over?

[Lord Superb]
Timberland, crack snorkels, jewels, cash insurance
Tahoes, fly clothes and Ferragamos
Five plus five O’s, one plus nine O’s
Save our self, reach our goals

[Ghostface Killah]
What if the Bible wasn’t good and good was bad, as bad as it should
It matters, feed ’em proper food the wonders that Allah will do
Maybe he’ll discover you, look I’m like a couple jewels
Ticketron was sold out plus the Garden loved the way I move
People see me, G. Deini, hit Beenie on the cell, see me?
You need me, you read me, Casanova, get that weed to me
The champ be the vigilante, ask me what the circumstance be
In me like Marcus Camby, hear me, I fuck with family
Dons, chew on this, the hit list got
All of your names, so y’all lames is hist’
I kissed the bangin-est bitch (all night) that’s famous for her tits
Not that tall doofy chick in your hood called Sticks
Come on!
[Lord Superb]
Bentleys with sharp shoes
Similac, Huggies, big Shazam jewels

Infrared shootin’ at niggas, we back, execution, niggas
Markin it mummy, he money, he fly bummy, super wizzes
Look like Luther bitches, still catches ill inventions
Strength, real niggas rollin’ blizzies, fearless ninjas
So illa, four-wheeler, promotin’ like Benz dealer
Instiller, get real for hugs, let’s chill feel I’m ill with color
Yo bakin’, straight cake, lay it on my favorite aces
Fuck all your understatements
Battle us? Battle gauges

[Lord Superb]
A big mansion, real product of the shrimp scampi
Sail boat, big yacht, and beige Hummer
Summer home, big stones and cologne
Remember heroes? I guess them corner days is gone
Mommy got a house, Daddy got a house
Granny got a house, we moved out
That’s right, we moved out
Now that’s what I’m talkin about

[Ghostface Killah]
Smackin’ all y’all stars and chumps
Gettin’ cash in the larger sums
Shootin’ dice in the church with nuns
We come with the biggest guns

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