Responsiblity Lyrics by Ghetto Twins

  • Album Release Date: 2011
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Artist: Ghetto Twins
Album: I’m Bout It
Song: Responsiblity

If Jb don’t hustle then my kid won’t eat
And if my kid don’t eat then momma won’t sleep
I have no time to sit around and see what his dad gone do
He ain’t did jack from the start, what the hell he gone do
But big timer high rolling women from State to state and
The one who look just like him don’t even know his face
Now he praying and he thieving runnin from church to church
But that plan didn’t work playa your kid comes first
Now he praying for forgiveness now his luck messed up
And his kid growing up and don’t know what’s up
Responsibility have you ever heard of it baby
I’m a strong chick and you will never worry me baby
I’m out here working it, writing then rhymes I’m twirkin it
Making that green deserving it
Homeboy I know you heard of it
Your baby son is growing up baby momma’s blowing up
If I catch that tail I just might leave it swolled up
Any boy can make a child takes a man to raise one
Boy you just made one too stupid to raise one
And these youngsters thank you cold let them know that you ain’t shit
When it comes down to this real shit
Responsibility he couldn’t take
And that was one of those mean things that made him fake
You really thinks you’s a man hey buster you’s a lie
Strong women survive fake playa’s die (fake playa’s die)
Well if I didn’t write rhymes, where the hell I’d be
And if I didn’t pay rent, where the hell I’d sleep
I ain’t depending on my man cause he ain’t worth it
And if I did depend on mine I’ll be a stuck out chick
I keep my eyes on my riches, women do the same
Ain’t no love in this game ain’t a damn thing changed
Just because your man do you gotta take his licks
Staying out all night he just keep you sick
And I’m gone tell it like it is cus I ain’t that chick
And I’m gone keep it on the real cus I’m a real LiL’ chick
I give them girls the finger who ain’t bout making dollars
They stomp worse than Madonna women this game here is sour
All on his dating list cuz you thank he richin
You wonder why he call you trickin
It’s all about responsibility have you heard of it
I pass your royalties stank G’s ya’ll deservin’ it I’m deservin’ it
So many things to do, so many places to be
It’s my responsibility, responsibility
So many things to do, so many places to be
It’s my responsibility, responsibility

The first thing you must do is stay true
Depending on your man leave you stuck like glue
Don’t tell you with a pair that won’t do, nobody handle business like you
All he wanna do is screw, Lord knows that’s the truth
Now your rents past do, and your man saying it’s due
Who gone pay the bills now where you live, we guess that’s all on you
But you totally disagree
Now your kids up on the streets it all about your salary use your
Best ability and you’ll see


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