How Could You Blame Us Lyrics by Ghetto Commission

  • Album Release Date: 1998
  • Features : {Fiend}

[Fiend singing the Chorus]
How can you blame us? when we ain’t know no better
Trying to survive out here in cold cold whether
Shited a nigga got to live and that’s what i did. 2x

I grew up in New Orleans in the night house
Now what that meant it was understood to have ya light out
The right route is to sat about the daily worker
Make a mask out ya shirt and ask God let cha hit em where it hurt
Made no mistakes seconds givin to few now what you do?
Is survive by the rule like you was born givin 2
I miss you like Aaron Hall if I ain’t coming home with it all
I wanted to flip before I crawled before it painted me on the wall
Now can it all be so simple like pistol to the temple?
I wanted to free my nigga soulja slim in a 600 benz limo
Until then folk ima heat my pockets cause its cold at cheer
Hustlin so are people don’t ever have to grow old at cheer

They judge us for the shit that we do but don’t live where we live
Yeah true the streets guide me but I do it all for the kids
You say hustlin ain’t the answer without me asking no question
Cause you know kids got to eat and I know we need a place to live in
Driven to have much more than what my people had
I remember uncelebrated birtdays when I think about the past
Kids need mo then that that’s why I safest myself on the cross
To feel joy in my child heart so I do my dirt
Choppin rocks on the kitchen table playin it how it go
Cause the little one’s ain’t able (dog) to fin for they self
In the jungle full of Predators I call em haters
Cause they constantly hatin on us


[Hollow way]
I put myself in a speciation where another life depends on me
Falling as i learn the meaning of responablitys
Look at me im just a ghetto child with nothing to lose
Plus the game ain’t got no rules when you trying to make a move
Got sedated by the fast life cause that nigga on the corner
Got big paid last night another nigga died last night
Another murder charge another nigga doing life
I bet you they was in my shoes doing the same thang jackin
And slangin cane cause they family needed change
Im in the game trying to leave lord I ain’t lying
But I got to provied or die trying ya heard
Chorus 2x

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