Ghost in the Dark Lyrics by Ghetto Commission

  • Album Release Date: 1998
  • Features : {}

{Chorus} x2

You ain’t heard the last of me
Got niggas down on my team that will blast for me
I’m that sound in the dark
That brings a chill to your heart
I’m the .45 you jus bought known as the ghost in the dark


I’m no stranger to danger I was born in greppa
Where niggas wet ya
Reality done finally met ya
Now you off in a stretcha
I’m poppin bitches like corps
You gone depart when the pistol spark
A murder that can’t be caught cause I’m the ghost in the dark
I’m a walkin time bomba throwed off land mine
If Im gone stand mine
Affiliated with crime
So I’m familiar with gang signs PARTNA !
Who the man ? I’m that nigga wit game that splittin heads
And gettin paid off of caper change
I rearrange yo so called posse
Beatin niggas like Rocky
Leavin pussys sloppy
Hoes jock me
A fuckin army can’t stop me
TSO a bounded family of killaz and real niggas
Thats slammin hoes like doors actin badda then lil niggas
We trill niggas in Hilfigers murderers wig splittas
Ridin around in Lexus’ and protected by chrome triggaz
Wrong niggas to fuck wit
The ones that u don’t try your luck wit
The ones thats down to buck quick
Yeah Im that nigga u stuck wit
Chorus x2


Follow me through the fog and the darkness move sliently so we won’t be
The unexpected is more effective when you gotta leave a nigga disconected
Remember that dissin for the family and the family always come first
If you scared then go to church but right now you gotta do dirt
We gone get this nigga because he a problem and we paid to be problem solvers
No time for pickin up no shells so we gone use the revolvers
We gone make this clean as possible Im the murder that can’t be caught
In and out, stick and move like a ghost in the dark


Hollowway you the ghost in the dark but I’m the phantom from out the projects
Emerging through walls and shit with that cold black steel object
When I appear I strike bitch ass niggas kite from the scene
When I after 18 hour bean go to choppin heads like giloutine
Niggas only out for the cream dawg its all about that paper chase
Pick a spot off the block and like a ghost Imma haunt the place
It’s total catastrophe see these niggas will blast for me
God believe me when I tell you, you ain’t heard the last of me

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