Quickie Lyrics by Geto Boys

  • Album Release Date: 1991
  • Features : {}

{*yawing*} Shit, I’m tireder than a motherfucker
Need some pussy badder than a motherfucker
See if this bitch is home {*dialing phone as beat starts*}

Hello darlin, how you feelin, it’s Akshen
Fine how are you?
Aww just maxin
Been thinkin of you
Yeah? Well let’s get together
Let me take me a shit, and I’mma meet you at 11
Aiyyo bring a friend, I got a buddy with me
Ain’t got no friend (WHAT) just come and get me
I guess you know whassup
Yeah I know whassup
I ain’t down for a love affair, I just wanna fuck
Please come get me
Yo don’t bullshit me
She thinks I want a long one but I just want a quickie
{sounds of moaning}

Knocked on her window, didn’t want to wake the parents
Came to the door, and the bitch was just starin
Come on girl, yo what the fuck is up?
Why you rushin?
You rollin with a nigga bitch or what~!
… Walked out lookin kinda sexy
Jumped in the vehicle, and you know what happened next G
Took her about an hour to get hot, heh
But once I got her started it was hard to make it stop
She started makin noises, and then the heavy breathin
I started suckin her titties and rubbin the pussy
Easy, hehehehehe, yeah! But anyway
She was more like beggin, and pleadin for the fuckin
Unzipped my trousers, and then started suckin
Had me sayin shit, I grabbed her by the sweater
She wants to lick my booty, I guess I betta let her
Once I came I didn’t want the bitch to kiss me
Thought I wanted a long one but I only wanted a quickie
HA HAHAHAHAHA, word!! Yeah

{sounds of moaning}

Drove her back home, she was lookin kinda frantic
I gave the bitch some dick, I couldn’t understand it
Hey yo what’s the problem?
I ain’t even cum; I shoulda stayed home
Yeah, but I’da still got me some
Where’s your clip, get your shit and go
She looked me in my eyes, shook her head and said
She’da killed me if I didn’t fuck her right
So I got on that ass and fucked the pussy all night
She was cumin hectic, two nuts at a time
It really didn’t matter, cause man this bitch was fine
She was slippin off the seats so I caught her
The girl had the lips that made me wanna fuck her harder
Grabbed me by my hand, she was moanin BRAD
Opened up some more, and fucked her in the ass
The bitch was gettin married, but all that’s fine
I gave the girl a fuckin that would last a lifetime
Oooh when I get home my girl is gonna get me
It turned into a long one but I only wanted a quickie

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