Niggas and Flies Lyrics by Geto Boys

  • Album Release Date: 1996
  • Features : {}

[Intro/Hook: repeat 4X]
Niggas and flies, niggas and flies
Niggas and motherfuckin flies

[Willie D]
Niggas and flies, always in some shit
Nigga can’t stay out of shit for shit
Nigga rob the bank, now everybody know
Cause nigga had a Rolls Royce flippin through the ghetto
Nigga bought his ho a fur coat the next week
And the laws had his ass walkin butt-naked down the street
You want drama nigga I +GOTS+ drama
What about these niggas drivin Beemers livin with they mommas
And what about these tennis shoe chasin bitches
Fuckin athletes, to obtain their riches
But they hate it when a nigga call ’em hoes and tramps and sluts
But if the shoe fit, lace it up
Niggas ain’t good for shit but eatin barbecue
And holdin other niggas back, that’s all we do
Niggas annoy me like flies
If it was up to me, I’d burn a gang of you hoes alive
[Hook] – 1/2

[Willie D]
I went to the Million Man March, it was all good
A bunch of niggas standin up for they manhood
But niggas are so idiotic
They still found somethin fucked up to say about it
But that’s a nigga for yo’ ass G
Holla at a nigga if you’re lookin for some negativity
Cause niggas got plenty of it, I think they love it
Clarence Thomas youse a motherfuckin puppet~!
Ass-kissin, politicians ain’t shit to me
And motherFUCK the NAACP
Motherfuckin cowards, suckin up to their sponsors
They couldn’t give a fuck about the black problems
So-called black radio stations runnin they flap
Talkin ’bout they don’t play rap
But rap pay the bills motherfucker!
It keeps a nigga out of jail cocksucker!
Nigga get on top and niggas hate it
Cause niggas can’t stand to see another nigga make it
So how the fuck niggas comin together to take the first step
When every nigga out for self

[Hook] – 2X
Niggas and flies, niggas and flies

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