Moments Like This Lyrics by G&E Music

  • Album Release Date: 2000
  • Features : {“The Grouch”,Eligh,”Sunspot Jonz”}

Moments like this, moments like this
Swishing out smoke from my lips and just reminisce this
Moments to the legendary sound mystifying like magic
Sits in your mind to marinate
Heaven it’s just a time serenade
You off this tape late
At night you alone getting zoned
To the S, the U, the N, SPOT
Lighting shine from Oakland caught in a world of
Imagination can’t be wastin time
Drama can’t be facin climb on your honor
Don’t lock me away im a gona
Cut that shit like benihana cuz I ain’t no chicken
Or no shrimp, im a large piranha
With my ? steak
No matter what’s on the menu, lasagna
Ain’t gonna be comin out my side
Runnin from a homicide
If you wanna ride why you still talking
Caught up in your pocket shit when you should be walkin
Yo back ain’t worth my life
If you caught up in the hype
Livin life with a genocide knife
You trippin
Moments like this I wanna see your bump your fist
Put a smile on your face don’t be a chump and diss
It’s such a pretty picture when everybody’s with ya
Hit you like you’re born again
Now sound the horn again it’s on
The song to make you move on
Groovin on some free shit
Some look at me shit, I’m raw
A chance to shine is what I saw
Be a shrine on stage with everyone and all
Y’all, you got to loosen the fuck up
We boostin the sound comin from the town
Runnin round, everywhere that they missed
Livin for the moments like this

Chorus:(repeat 2x)
Oh ma ma
Never stopping when they talking cuz
They la la
We the kings of this hill I
Say why why
Livin for the moment til the day I die
My essence I own it

Into the microphone I speak
At this moment and time I flow
At this moment and time I fly
Don’t ask questions don’t ask why
Don’t inquire about my life
Say what I need I’ll be greed
Been to this place many times
Can’t be shy won’t be discrete
Im the guy with open eyes, open ears and a open mind
Can’t stay outside open the blind
Use your retina focus in
Live for the moment open it
Hopin folks will leave the feelin vocally
I mostly expose foes when they’re phony
So many things on my mind
Women and rhymes
Master both I’m one at a time old school
You think every word out my mouth is a lie
Cuz you out too much
When a real man climb in the picture you rush
Showin signs like you heard it before
But for sure you’ll drink my wallet dry
Then roll your eyes when im broke
That’s why nope I got a girl now
You shall never be in my world like that no more
Get in war runnin after runnin cuz you stop
Poundin your business to hit the shores of the freak show
With a tense smellin of indole and wine
The bearded lady who rhymes
Everybody rhyme now
Throw in the towel
You rhyme like a battle movement
I growl to move them
That’s how I lose them

Chorus:(repeat 2x)

Kick snares and bass
Rules to the face
Race you to the finish but I’m takin first place
Shakin walls makin presence known
Mackin in the tackin
Stackin til its gone or on you know
Whether a navigator limo or a bucket fuck it
My whole life it’s a demo
So learn where’s vern
Who cares who stares
That’s the payoff so layoff the shit talk
I can do anything
I can do anything
Pennies bring dollars my rappin it cause hollers
Were all scholars cuz I said so, shit
Makin up a moment like this
After the fact moment passes
When you have no clarity
Maneuver passes carefully
One dead a time faithfully
Acin a ho, successful
Watch where all the rest go
When its really time let go
They gotta keep it goin strong
The water know when it’s past rate
Through the darkness im a passer
In this moment im a master
Of momentum
In my cerebellum and my soul of plaster
Build universal housing for the time being
At moments like this

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