Psycho Funk Lyrics by Ganksta NIP

  • Album Release Date: 1998
  • Features : {}

[Ganksta Nip]
Wassup, it’s ya boy Ganksta Nip
Ya know what talking bout
Ya boy feel this muthafuckin down south psycho ass funk
Ya know what I’m talking bout
That shit bumps hard in ya muthafuckin trunk
Ya know what I’m saying

[Verse 1]
My veins pop out I’m high, you have a question ask me
Who left the baby bleeding butchered up in some plastic
Inside the woods where the birds was beating it
I had to take my gun and stop the squirrels from eating it
Some say that I’m the type that does not believe in God
Some say I have the power, psychic similar to Moses’ rod
Strike like a snake leaving venom in ya chest
Lung disease on top of cancer he was cardiac arrest
Head tuners, deadly rumors of wars to come
I’m a scientist peep game the wars a done
Body snatcher, head cracker, a car hijacker
Catch you down town now I’m a D.A attacker
Sleep walking through the house, dreaming I’m eager to hunt
Cuz my sub-conscience tells my conscience to do what it wants
In and out of reality you burn from the high flames
Skin peeling off on a mission to rock brains
Crucify my enemies and slay my opponents
Uncut pure club rocks keep em still for a moment
You don’t hear me you better fear me, I change with the times
Tarzan swung through the ghetto he got shot on the vine
Chorus 2X:
Psycho Funk, Psycho Funk, Psycho Funk
Bumps hard in the trunk nigga
Psycho Funk, Psycho Funk, Psycho Funk
It ain’t made for no punks nigga

[Verse 2]
I see spirits don’t come near me, their anxious to live
You play my song back to back it might just fracture your ribs
A graveyard is a place where the dead can rest
A mortician keeps the dead looking at their very best
Now I’m snoring, wake me up I’m trapped in a dream
It’s like swimming tied up I’m floating upstream
Back to conscieness, why is that I thought I was woke
You see I’m dead I’m just simply waitng to wake up and croak
Horrific dreams, keep these spleens, take notes as a thrill
A Vampire performs at night, daytime you can kill him
Stephen King, Stephen Spielberg, I’m ending ya reign
My thoughts they cause pain psycho horror movie games
Twist and turn in the bed, death is nuthin but dread
Trapped in time angel wings violins on my head
Cuz I slip inside the coma with the ??? diploma
Left body there for three days a fleshy aroma
Starts to build up hold ya nose the scent is to strong
Flesh evaporates fast an turns the bulid up to bones
Psycho Nip the dream master writing subliminal drama
Click ya heels commit suicide and wish for ya mama
Chorus 2X

[Ganksta Nip ad libs]

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