Psychic Thoughts Lyrics by Ganksta NIP

  • Album Release Date: 1993
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Asaalm-alaikum, brother [Name] X
(Well, laikum-asalaam, blackman)
Brother, I’ve been having –
Psychic thoughts, revelational visions lately
I want you to tell me what you think about em
(Well, go head, brother, you are the original man)

Psychic thoughts are what I conceive
Are they true or am I full of bad weed?
You place the judgment, you make the decision
But even so, death is my ambition

I’m the South Park psycho, I’m hoppin, muthafucka, I’m pissed
So I unleash the dragon, fire burns through the broke wrist
Yo, psychic psychology, devil’s gonna die
Hold up, a vision is comin, unknown creatures fly from the sky
Fuck this fired-up, I feel I’m linked with this weed
I keeps sayin ‘terror’, so terror it is indeed
Focus your view points, or you’ll be dead
Devil’s babies die early, curly, sharp axe to the head
Comments from a murderer, my thoughts are sinister
Cursed by a priest, pastor, illusionist minister
A spiritual magician, master of tricks
With wizardry, witch, more graphic thoughts of a crucifix
Yo, plus a sniper, sudden death, cranium claws
Flyin’ is dangerous, airplane sabotage
I mirror the messenger, I’m sent from beyond
As time sets back, the hourglass wouldn’t respond
Flashes of heatstrokes, this is an order
It’s comin to a time where court judges is camcorders
Yo, Ganksta NIP, a mental warrior brought
Comin soon: genocide, but first beware of the psychic thoughts

Real soon, bitch, you’re gonna see tragedy
Violent winds at 300 miles per hour, sacred savagery
Lives are uncounted for, let’s even the score
Psychic thoughts of different mammals comin up from the ocean’s floor
Powerful gun sounds all across the globe
Tires are now extinct, niggas drivin jets [???]
Death to the maximum, it seems like a dream
Infrared practice butcher knife, stump on a laser beam
Mental hypnosis, I meditate, that’s how
I see the ozone layer’s bout to drop any minute now
You know I’m a psycho, I come from the premonition
Of thoughts of genocide from the beast-like competition
Yo, them muthafuckas make them South Park niggas clown
It’s going on three years, the law has been shut down
To all devils, I’m talking to you
The war in South Park has finally come true
(NIP, what you was doin’ when all that was jumpin up?)
Crooked cops, I was personally pumpin em up
Ganksta NIP can never be caught
3rd eye insight, knowledge visions of psychic thoughts

[ Hook ]
[ VERSE 3 ]
Revolution is hyped up, niggas causin casualties
_Faces Of Death_ ain’t no movin no more, now it’s reality
Human destruction, SPC done broke records
Bodies fallin off of buildings every 19 muthafuckin seconds
Serious sex thoughts, pussy is blades
Over half the population on earth, they done caught AIDS
A major catastrophy, terrible weather
Winter, spring, summer, fall, all combined together
Dimensions of darkness, but is there a light switch?
Children can’t handle it, some are havin night fits
Niggas whippin ass, in Allah we trust
But to strictly be real, them devils killin a lot of us
Hold up, wait, we killin em suckers
We can get em, nigga (*blast*) we done took over this muthafucka
And after that, no more signs of the beast
In the year 2000, you’re gonna experience peace
Among brothers, no more devils to show up
By the year 3000, the world’s gonna blow up
Yo, Ganksta NIP could never be caught
To enforce I dive into psychic thoughts

(America, Farrakhan is warning you today
Goddamnit, you’re either gonna change or die
Young black men no longer lift every voice and sing
But you lift every damn fist and swing)

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