Graveyard Lyrics by Ganksta NIP

  • Album Release Date: 1999
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[Ganksta Nip]
Gee Bob, If I wouldn’t have went inside of that Luby’s guy
I would still be alive guy
If I was, that guy David Koresh guy
Which is me? What I did I’d still be alive
Charley Manson, I’d still be alive. You know what I’m talkin bout?
Peep this game, there’s no way you can escape, death
So the only way you can escape death. You gotta do good

[Verse One]
It don’t matter what your name is
Push and you shove
You know death is promised to us from the man up above
Ain’t no way you can stop it
So God be with ya
Your life will flash in front of your FACE
Went the reaper come get cha
Remember when you were alive you said that things will change
Six feet deep, your in the casket talkin bout things feel strange
Ain’t nobody gon’ heal your we celebrate when we kill ya
And if you got up out that casket, would nobody come near ya
But if you walked up to me and tell me you didn’t sin
I might just gon’ insane and cut your brain and kill you again
Psycho Nip Psychopath, J-Slash with the tracks
But when you die, your soul with fly, there’s no more comin back

No matter who you are
Even if you are a star
If you drive a nice car
Of if your house is made of straw
You’ll get the graaaveyard
You can’t escape the graaaveyard

If you can’t take it no mo’
Cause you dont have no cash flow
It don’t matter don’t you know
If you are rich or if you are po’
You get the graaaveyard
You can’t escape the graaaveyard

[Verse Two]
Shoots you in the head if you try to take mind
I don’t give a fuck I don’t mind dying
You know nuthin but money stays on my mind
Psych Ward nigguz gon’ pack the nine
Psycho Nip makin history, and I know these haters are feeling me
I heard you talk about killing me but you’ll die first you would live to see
The enemies run from the Psych Ward crew
Real home boys, I might have two
If you get mad hit the brew, keep this in mind that i will kill you
Anybody kills I’m busting lead, lady screamed out somebody is dead
Paramedics came the person bled
Messin with the Psych you’ll keep losing your head
[??] brothers that are down with it, use the ??? brothers that drown with it
Taunt the Psych I’m bound to hit it, drop your gun I’mma clown with it
You can’t escape J-Slash with the tracks
But when you die your soul will fly, there’s no more comin back

Ay, you know what I’m sayin?
I got much love for the South side
Much love for the north side, east coast, west coast, midwest
I got love for the veto’s
Know what I’m sayin? It’s all love
Ya’ll muthafuckas better out there better get ya’ll life together
Cause if ya’ll don’t… It’s a new millennium (it’s a new millennium)
And we gotta make sure man, we’re in the right mind state
Cause the wrong mind state, can get you caught up in judgment with God
And that leaves, and that leaves, to a quick, death

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