Natural Lyrics by Gang Starr

  • Album Release Date: 2002
  • Features : {}

[After DJ Premier intro]

[Verse 1]
It’s that wise older brother
That mind-moldin brother
Still that nine-holdin brother, spittin like no other
I smother other rappers as they gasp for air
Came to give you exactly what you asked for here
I’m like a one man task force here
And once again, brains on bend as I go half with Premier
Here, I give you the mic, sike
This is my stage kid, you’ll feel my rage kid tonight
Who’s gangsta, who’s flossin, who’s thuggin, who’s boss man
I’m here to get respect from L.A. from Boston
My celly rings often cuz I got the goods
MC’s ride the wood, any beef I got the hoods
Now come come now, what the heck were you thinkin
Feel the dum dum’s now, leavin you numb while you leakin
I’m speakin, just to let you rap pro’s know
Ain’t no gimmicks, no phony image, cuz I’m a natural
[Hook x2]
The natural, the actual, the factual
The classical, the radical
You wanna act tough, we ain’t mad at you
It’s just that we are here to adjust your phony attitude
Gang Starr, we holdin it down just like a gat’ll do

[Verse 2]
So natural, chicks in VIP come downstairs
Rush me in pairs, shouldn’t have brought them around here
The rules say don’t check the pimp, check the ho
Check the flow, I’m all up in the trap catchin the bankroll
My steel shank holds one in the chamber like Antonio
‘Course I’m a stand-up guy, but you don’t know me though
I’m righteous, but I might just unvail my portfolio
The plot just thicken and you’ve been stricken like polio
Who’s so-and-so, I’m tired of the lackluster busters
It’s the black General Custer, the king conductor to dust ya
Touch ya, cuz you had nerve to try and conjure
A way to surpass the master, but now I bombed ya
Skiggy-hair man style like Lee Archer
Five foot eight, Guru the Great, still a tree sparker
I see farther than you average rap pro’s
Son here’s a rattle, you’ve never seen battle
I’m a natural
[Hook x2]

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