Itz a Set Up Lyrics by Gang Starr

  • Album Release Date: 1998
  • Features : {“Hannibal Stax”}

[“We got news for ya” –] scratched by DJ Premier

[Hook: Guru and Hannibal]
[Guru] While they devise our demise, we grow wise
[Hann] Upset the set up, the element of surprise
[Both] IT’Z A SET UP
[Guru] It’s time to upset the set up

[Verse 1: Guru]
Though they conspire, fake us to make us retire
With the burning desire we make it out of the crossfire
Thoughts are higher, elevated and focused
While the path is narrow, for those like us
Primo beats provoke us to meditate like Zen
With the will and the strength of a million men
While they introspect, where nothing is met
It’s been that way for a while so much has come and then went
But I’m confident, a few, are due to redeem
Their respective kingdoms, with an abundance of cream
So if I were to scheme, it would be on a realer dream
Like formin’ effective teams to filter the smokescreens
You totin’ in jeans, don’t even know the true enemy
A fan of Big and of Pac, and plus they both were friends to me
Past trivial pursuits like East and West coast feuds
Come against me on the mic, many and most will lose
Like most dudes, I love this hip-hop, and this rap stuff
But I don’t like the shows where the ignorant act up
While some’ll be rippin it, they be in the crowd wilin’
Flippin on kids, for the chains and medallions
Or the kid they don’t like, from a beef from way back
And decide that’s the night, perfect time for payback
It’s wack for the group, plus the others who came
To see a fat ass show, instead there’s bullets aflame
[Guru] While they devise our demise, we grow wise
[Hann] Upset the set up, the element of surprise
[Both] IT’Z A SET UP
[Guru] It’s time to upset the set up

[Verse 2: Hannibal]
Still waters run deep, this is leagues in depth
Quiet as kept they slept we crept
Society puts the squeeze on MC’s like iron grips of death
From here on in peace and blessings, lord, cherish your breath
Gifted Un Rhyme U know how we do, stay true
Follow through lay down the law, cause it’s probable and overdue
All systems overdue, my guns know me
I only hold a few my nigga for only a few hold me
Never forget the ones before me, my momma told me
Sacrifice for the ones behind me leadin the seeds
Blind leads, black on black, crime to me
Inclined to refine my creed I eat thinkin lead
Conceive to make the beast bleed, enhance thoughts
Like tossed trees, scorch the Earth three-fourths
Let my offspring feed all three, corpus delectis cost me
Lost and found on enemy ground, quoted although
They don’t know how we get down at sound speed we breed
No more confined to blind greed and self destructive deeds
Heed my freedom war cry, of course I’m N.Y
Hug my peeps that died, the loved ones alive
Reinforce and fly high as I lie so shall I
From New I to Cali next plateau U.N.I.versal
Unleash the black reign
Show ’em who in control, electro-magnetic
Pull on the hole, ill as toters bang out
Til we sittin’ on swole the strongest way to grow
The only way I know, Underground Railroad on track
No physical or mental chain can shackle that
[Answering machine messages]

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