Heres the Proof Lyrics by Gang Starr

  • Album Release Date: 1989
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All right buddy, we’re gonna make a study
I’ll take you out while I talk about some ugly
Things taking place, within the rap race
I’m well aware, so is Premier, I got a taste
Of the bitterness, cause I’m the Guru I’m not with the rest of
Those who rose by scandalous means
I’ll intervene and you can’t handle the scene
Cause you’re bugged, by all the drugs and payola
The gameplan, I will smartly take over
I’m bolder, I’m wiser, I got the eyes to
Observe all the MC’s perping a move
And after the circus, I’m certain to prove
That a man, traveling with wisdom book in hand
Will stand, longer than any king of merely one land
And after the war is sort and peace
The Gang will be the dealers of the dope beats
Always, in hallways we’re lurking
Working, like an army of surgeons
To cut up your butt up, so what up you can’t team
Shake and don’t mistake, the mystical chance and
Glance, at the brothers with the stunned look
And at the stake is where we’re gonna burn crooks
When though they bite but can’t fight the mighties
Prepare your head for flight, say “Goodnighty”
Most likely, I be saying the truth
Cause Gang Starr means “funky” and here is the proof
*DJ Premier scratched the chorus*

A lotta brothers, you know they wanna act like
They’re tight, a brother’s like the wack type
Who underrate the record but check it a second
If the G the U the R the U is somebody new
We’ll never lie to you
I wouldn’t try to do what I would die to do
I’m not despising you, but use your eyes just to see
Envision how it’ll be
Cause now it’ll be me, on a rhyme spree
Going far, large, wide, so let us take a ride
Inside, of transcendentalism
I’m on a mission, you’re in a mental prison
Getting nuff respect and more selective and effective
So respect this, I insist you be swift and catch the movement
As I shoo the tenderonies, don’t be phony
Take some time to spend to know me
Cause I’m complex, decking MC’s while I quiz them
The real deal I reveal so feel the wisdom
And strength, cause I can go the whole length
Just like a preacher preaching the truth
Gang Starr means “funky” and here is the proof

*DJ Premier in deep concentration once again*
This beat is thumping, and I’m a keep you jumping
I’ll pull your card, I’m hitting harder put the chumps
In a daze, like a maze they can’t get out of
And as they try they can’t deny I got the clout of
The Bossman, and in a battle you’ll be tossed and
Turned, to learn more gracious ways
You must behave, or I’m a take this phrase like an icepick
And I might pick you off
You’re soft, let’s see how quick you frost
In a meat freezer, we’ll seize you then sqeeze ya
Head to get rid of the lies you believe
And after this process your eyes will recieve
The glowing light, brighter than any ever in your sight
So hype, that you will gain the sense to wanna act right
In spite, of all your faults before
The Gang, will be the ones to make you seek your
Knowledge, it all is a blessing
Addressing, things about which you’re guessing
So hear it, get near it, compare it to others
Think and take a drink, I’m a lyrical brother
I’d love ya, to be all you can be
If you’re a man, you should be manly
Not sissy-like, and not so decietful
Because the Gang may hang you or keep you
As prisoners, for not believing the truth
That Gang Starr means funky, and here is the proof
*DJ Premier turntable skills*

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