Samba Tryst Lyrics by G-Note$ (Rapper)

  • Album Release Date: 2011
  • Features : {“G-Note\$ (Rapper)”}

You shouldn’t touch this
Live wire from an early morning drug fix
I’ve had enough of this
What’s a champions requiem recall?
I could hold your hand if you hold up my head after all
We should stand back to back against these walls
And pretend that we weren’t standing mask to mask when they fall

Add up the elements and its ironic
Six degrees of separation anxiety tonic
I’m faded, but I ain’t even become yet
The days not begun
I’ve already seen the sunset
We exhale like smoke signals
It’s a joke and it’s not simple
I’m alone but I’m with you
The sunlight drags across my face like a knife
I look for words to make it seem like its alright
But it’s not alright
I’m fine cuz I fight, even in the darkest night
It’s not alright but it’s fine
Cuz I’m fighting this for you
It’s not the same scene trust me
I’d dream to have that patience
I’m picking up the pieces of our morning conversation
You woke me up
I’ve never felt more alive
Maybe we were born to drive right past the border line
It’s not supportive
I’m one in the same as the blood that read your name
It runs blue in my veins
And if it bleeds to the page
Let it pour like rain
This is a beautiful place to go insane

Tell me what’s your name?

And if I had her I would hold her
Is it just me or are these winters getting colder
A stereo and a evil on my shoulder
So here we go again girl is what I told her
And now I’m picking up the pieces of disaster
Its like freedom being shackled to its master
And I can see them blowing smoke with their laughter
And all I hope is that they know what they’re after
I want tot ask her while she sat up in my bed
With the blankets to her skin
If she would walk that plank again
Only disguise it as a friend
And I pretend to have the answers to the questions in her head
That’s pretentious
I should piece my own mind instead
Put this in your system
Play it loud
I’m proud that we could stand side by side for a while
Put this in your system
Play it loud
I’m proud that we could stand side by side for a while

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