Burn Down the Stable Lyrics by G-Note$ (Rapper)

  • Album Release Date: 2011
  • Features : {“G-Note\$ (Rapper)”}

Look around
Things aren’t the same in this town
Like they once were
It’s cold in the summer
I’m melting in the winter months too
Confusion as a Rubik’s cube coming unglued
I started talking when I got the walking blues
Kick the beat so hard my feel poked out the shoes
Spit the news when the needle hits the grooves
Posting on cruise mode, roll with my crew
One, dos, to the three comma four
Gnotes with a silent g makes them want more

I heard he’s off the smack
Getting dirty with his tracks
Wordy with the rap
Hella flirty with the mack
Jibber jabber with any available sweetheart
You cats couldn’t be Gnotes like a B-sharp
Check out what I wrote on the guitar
No need for a punch
Pack more crunch than a health bar
That’s why we finish every move that we start
While emcees spit gimmick
Over bumps from the beat-mart
Play my music in the background at a peace march
It helps with your movement when your ducking the police darts
And drink hard where the beer market is
You’ll catch me at the well dumping deer carcasses
I said it before
The only thing that shouldn’t be sold is your soul
Pick your head up off the floor
My boots are getting sore anyway
I need proof
Truth is I’m smooth everyday
So hang loose like a turkey neck, chicken
That’s a throat scrote
You shouldn’t smoke dope at the picnic
Because of you, the pigs scoped witness
Molotov cocktail the grey goose and dip quick
It’s a funny farm, burn down the stable
Get a hoe to rake these leaves up
And pirate the cable
We’ll send a message in a milk bottle labeled:
If you want to get away from it all then we’ll take you
Meanwhile the rest of us will make due
Sleeping with our enemies
And telling them I hate you

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