Twilight Zone Lyrics by Blue Sky Black Death & Holocaust

  • Album Release Date: 2006
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[Chorus 2X: Holocaust]
Rod Serling wrote the Twilight Zone
Doom, you’re trapped in a room, go for the phone or door, explosives
A man on the train with a gun, but friend
In the end though, you’ve seen a murder from a high window

I’ve promiscuous with my girl
I crashed through the wooden door, splinters
City disintegrated, remember
The black heart and sinister, white bolt of lightning
Deceivers are crying, came out of darkness
Obstacles arriving, blinded the darkness
You’re spineless, I’m heartless, war in the heavens
The timeless sparks marksmen, forge out of flame
From chaos to pain, prescription is medicine
Proximity, of turquoise rose rain, created the storm
Torment is born, he attacks
And burst into a fucking bat, like a swarm
Humanity triples torn, with bills that wrote on metal
That legend and wins shovel, this is dedicated to fire
Deep in the insight, results in thoroughness
A tranquil mind is the first represent for good judgement
Darkness pity, why I’m taking in this, mystery
The sad wings of destiny, medicated to vampire
The hole in the sky, this is dedicated to fire
[Chorus 2X]

Fifty five people die, any from boss jellyfish stings
It is the most deadly animal in the world, I rock heavenly king
The heart will circulate thirty five gallons of blood a day
An assassin above on your grave
While I leave you sucked to life out of a helpless frog
Unarmed, found inside a frozen forest, message long
Deep in mourns, mind for a long time, a heavenly diabolic rhyme
You all fall down like red, green and yellow leaves in autumn time
I move like an alligator at night, so cold blooded
Notice there the guard of the ocean, at last, I laugh
I crashed, your puny villages, and killed us all, so what of it?
One million horsepower, it is half past the hour
Of a living encounter, that means evening
Lost off, in fact in the swamp, henny moss
White flowers, I’m a dragon, that devours
You’ll explode, 9/11, Twin Towers, rain showers
I knock down the pillars like Samson, written in sands-crypt
Blind as a wall, built to walk around you, you can’t handle it
Punk, I’ve been doing this since my Shaolin days
The second murderer ever, was a man named Lamick
He killed an young man over a dame, he rest in his grave
And was a descendant of Cain…
[Chorus 4X]

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