Monarchs Lyrics by Blue Sky Black Death & Holocaust

  • Album Release Date: 2006
  • Features : {}

Like a white spider in the dark, tyrant to the arc
Redefining every spark, guns deadly to the heart
Stun ready skull mark, one heavy ghetto chart
Guns ready ghetto art, dogs bark, night hawk
Long night, machete sharp!

[Chorus: Holocaust]
I be hustling with the monarchs from L.A. parts
I be hustling with the monarchs from L.A. parts
I be hustling with the monarchs from L.A. parts
I be hustling with the monarchs from L.A. parts

Battle lord, the savage sword of the tyrant from Alcatraz
Still known as soldier blood; Holocaust, avalanche advance
Enhance, previous bited lesson, weapon crash
Graphic comedians discretion, battle stand
When plans enhance, my ram, psychiatric evaluations
Grant, the emergency evacuations plan
To sky above, sworn invisible, you’ve been warned
Blood scorn criminal, I was born invincible

I’m always watching like the forest at war
Kick you through the door like Chuck Norris
Who was a good friend of Bruce Lee, now you see
The truth of me, as I run and jump-kick a firing squad
At the end of the movie, puzzle your muscles
Lift your body against gravity, not all truth to become
You fall into a jungle large earth structure, and as you bleed
Are earthquakes swallowed up in casualty of a side-trick tragedy
Today, once again, I say “have you come to battle me?”
A eulogy that’ll be, know our thoughts starts off small
But grows large like tuna, there in a large icey school
In the cold Atlantic sea, G-E duck is nothing new
My rhyme is proven clinically, a migraine is a headache
Give release, I remember a trip seen in the Philippines
You danced, with the centipede, from listening to me
Soon you won’t be able to survive heat, that aim
From the low temperatures extreme, the rise and the fall
Of a T-Rex on a track, outside I enter the blood sport
Center at winter, just one of you try to intervene

[Chorus 2X]

[Outro: Holocaust]
Ahhhh… Holocaust…, L.A….

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