Razahs Ladder Lyrics by Blue Sky Black Death & Hell Razah

  • Album Release Date: 2007
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[Intro: Hell Razah]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Razah Rubiez
Blue Sky Black Death (Oh y’all thought I was finished? Huh?)
You’re now climbin’ up the Razah’s Ladder
(It’s just the beginnin’)
Each step you take, the level get higher
(It’s is another level right here)
I hope y’all could keep up, man
(Let’s get into it)

[Hell Razah]
It’s Robin Hood in a Champion hoodie
You need stamina, rookie
Son I don’t think they understandin’ me fully
‘Til the evil start screamin’ at ’em, Devils and demons at ’em
Champagne and pantyhose, they ask about Daddy Rose
Shotguns and calicos, windband across the globe
Passports and bank rolls, comin’ back in farmer clothes
International, put a body on a forty cal
Aim, squeeze seven rounds, B.K. we put it down
Attack of the bloodhound, now you wanna bite my style?
I could sniff a pussy out a football (smell that?)
For every two steps you take, I’ma ten times elevate
My mindstate educate while many raise the crime rate
In ’98 told y’all escape or evacuate
’88 we came up to Rakim tapes
Still havin’ flashbacks, seein’ Glen’s wake
Tell my fam, when they hear said “Son, I know what you feelin'”
When I’m done, tell ’em Razah renovated the buildin’
With the help from all the hate and the love of the children
No matter Power Rule or Crip, it’s our blood be spillin’
Baby moms treat a brother like she Terry McMillan
For every hero there’s a villain puttin’ cash in the ceilin’
Who was there when the broken heart needed the healin’?
Know the cards that you dealin’ when them jokers is hidden
It’s good riddance with a dead fish, the bed of the widow
El Samuel got the four-fifth under the pillow
You toss and turn with the tumble-weeds rollin’ in willows
Havin’ dreams of bein’ famous with ya amateur demos
[Chorus x2: Hell Razah]
Heaven or Hell, we all scattered
We all sinners so it don’t matter
You’re now climbin’ up Razah’s Ladder
The next level is the hereafter
Or either burn with the backstabbers

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